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MAC Wonder Woman Swatches: All of the Eye Products

The new MAC Wonder Woman collection arrived at my house and I immediately went to work to swatch the full collection. The Wonder Woman collection is full of big and bold products, including supersized lip glass.   There are also some great eye shadow sets, tinted mascaras, and big bronzers. This post includes the eye products. To see the face products, check here: MAC Wonder Woman Blush Swatches. I also have all of the lip product up on Girl Gloss here: MAC Wonder Woman Lipglass Swatches.

The collection launches nationwide February 10, 2011.

First up are the MAC Wonder Woman eye shadow swatches.

MAC Wonder Woman eye quad swatches, Valiant:

MAc wonder Woman Valiant Eye quad

MAC Wonder Woman eyeshadow swatches Valiant

MAC Wonder Woman eye quad swatches, Lady Justice:

MAC Wonder Woman eyeshadow Lady Justice

MAc wonder woman eyeshadow swatch Lady Justice

MAC Wonder Woman eye quad swatches, Defiance:

MAC Wonder Woman Eye Shadow Quad Defiance

MAC Wonder Woman Swatches Definace eye quad

The collection also has two pigments and two glitters. Here are swatches.

MAC wonder woman swatches: Marine Ultra Pigment and Bright Fuchsia Pigment:

MAC wonder Woman Pigment swatches

Reflects Pearl Glitter and Reflects Bronze Glitter:

MAC Wonder Woman glitter swatches

Finally, there is a penultimate eye liner in black and four MAC Opulash shades. If you like tinted mascara, these should excite you, since Opulash is a pretty good mascara in general.

MAC Wonder Woman Opulash swatches:

MAC Opulash tinted swatches

MAC Penultimate eye liner swatch:

MAc Penultimate eye liner swatch

Disclosure: This post is based on products sent to me by a representative of the company. For more, please see the disclosure page.

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