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7 Fun and Festive Holiday Makeover Tips

Fun and Festive Holiday Looks

Holiday makeovers can not only give you an extra opportunity to get into the holiday spirit, these makeovers often work wonders to lift your spirits. Looking your best during the holidays is important because this is a time when many people are very socially active and are attending dinner parties, concerts, and holiday gatherings. Try out some of the holiday makeover tips listed below and get into the festivities of the merry holiday season by changing your hair and makeup.

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7 Ways to Makeover Yourself for the Holidays

1. Try out warmer shades of foundation and loose cosmetic powder for the cold months of the year. If you want to make coverage for your face quick and easy, mineral powders in warm tones provide a natural-appearing flush to your face while offering quick and easy application. Use a light hand on foundations so the rest of your makeup will stand out and be the center of attention.

2. Golds and silvers are popular decorative colors for the holidays and this also applies to makeup. Get festive and creative and use various shades of light but brilliant golds as lip gloss. Complement this look with metallic silvers and golds over the eyes for a look that stands out from the crowd.

3.  Bold, dark green eyeliners work wonders on all shades of eyes. Whether your eyes are hazel, dark brown, green, or blue, dark green eyeliner applied evenly over the top and bottom of the eye will grab attention from anyone near you.

4. Know when to be dramatic and know when to use a light hand with your makeup. If you are out shopping for the day or having lunch, apply light amounts of makeup. This will be just enough to enhance your natural beautiful features. However, if you are going out for a romantic dinner in a dimly lit restaurant, let your makeup match the mood of the evening. This type of night calls for more dramatic and bold application of eye makeup and lipstick application. Use bolder shades which will result in a dramatic and striking appearance.

5. Wear your hair loose and wavy as it fits the theme of heavy winds blowing and the gustiness of cold weather conditions. Light amounts of glitter matching the shade of your hair will can be lightly applied to the ends of long and beautiful trends. If your hair is short and spiky, let it fall into a natural curl and frame your face for a soft winter look. For a more dramatic appearance for your hair, braid in metallic gold thread into small braids randomly streaked throughout your hair.

6. Red lipstick and bracelets stand out in a crowd. Over accessorize during the holidays when it comes to bracelets. Long, silver, red, and gold bracelets can create a festive look and can be complemented by bright, red lipstick shades. Complete this look with red nail polish trimmed in gold at the tip of the nails.

7. To bring your entire look together, don’t forget about taking care of your skin throughout the holiday season. Cold climates can be rough on skin, so don’t forget to keep your face cleaned daily and be liberal with facial creams to protect the suppleness of your skin.

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