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7 Tips to Tame Your Dry Winter Hair

Imagine spending precious time in the mirror to get lush, silky locks that look like you spent a fortune at the salon, only to get laughed at by onlookers after you leave the house. It’s an undeniable fact for many when you are up against the winter elements. The dreaded fly-away, notorious in winter months, is the bane of beautiful hair across the globe.

Fly away hair

Fly away hair is caused by hair that lacks moisture yet retains static. In instances of a bad case of static head, the static filled hair follicles seem like they could serve as an electrical conduit as efficiently as any outlet, if not entertain co-workers for hours. In reality what is occurring is the static-laden hair dries out and becomes frizzy. This worsens when your hair already suffers from underlying breakage and damage along the hair shaft. To deal with a frayed and frazzled look, you could succumb to a new hairstyle with an ode to the fly-away, or fight the elements with finesse and take simple steps to tame your wild look without breaking your budget.

Simple steps to tame your mane:

1. Trim it: Go to the salon and get a solid trim. A quick trim can make a world of difference in the health of your hair. Ask the stylist to take a tad off the ends to alleviate breakage that could cause flapping fly-away syndrome. Spend a small amount for the beginnings of piece of mind.

2. Hydrate it: Pick up hydrating shampoo and conditioner that is specially formulated for mane-taming during winter months. Salon’s carry great products for this but you can also get similar products for less if you shop online. The key is to choose products that advertise “hydration,” “moisturizing,” or “anti-frizz” treatment.

3. Shampoo less: Shampoo every few days instead of daily. Your hair creates natural oil that prevents frizz and fly-away strands. Shampooing every day strips your hair follicles of these natural oils and dries it out quicker. Yes, you might have to contend with an oily head, which can be easily managed with a dab of baby powder or dry shampoo to absorb the excess.

4. Condition daily: Condition when you shampoo and then in between shampoos, using a leave in conditioner. The conditioner keeps your hair soft and smooth without stripping the cuticle of essential natural oils. A small dab of conditioner does the trick.

5. Limit use of heat products on the hair. Sometimes a hair dryer is required to get the look you need but if you can take some days off, now and then, do so. Overtime consistent exposure to heat causes dry hair and frizz. If you must use the dryer often, set the temperature on low and then at the end of drying blast a quick snap of cold air, which can also prevent fly-away mishaps.

5. Consider a specially formulated anti-frizz product for styling. A small tad, no more than the size of a dime, generally does the trick for keeping your hair frizz-free. You can find great products online, in stores or salons. Avoid spending more money than necessary by doing product comparisons. If you are on an extreme budget, a tap of hand or face lotion rubbed through the hair can also serve as a quick remedy for fly-away hair.

6. Skip the hairspray. Solid hold is important for sustaining a fancy-do but if you want natural tresses flowing in the breeze and do not require hairspray, it is to your hair’s benefit. Hairspray tends to dry the follicles more than necessary, particularly when used excessively. Try a spray gel or finishing balm instead to avoid the hairspray dry-out.

7. Try the dryer sheet trick: Keep a travel size container of dryer sheets in your bag to gently rub on your head as needed. Dryer sheets are good for static cling on clothes and for static of the head.

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