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Summer Beauty Essentials

Today I have a guest post from model and actress Emma J (who you also see in the photos). Thanks Emma for the post! Be sure to follower her here: www.twitter.com/@emmajactress and also check out her blog here: http://www.my-style-blog.com/

With sizzling temperatures in NY (and my native London) I have found my skin requires a different set of beauty products in order to have the preferred type of glow. Here I am sharing some outstanding skincare lines that I highly recommend.

Emma J

I am a lover of face sprays; whether on the beach or in the city.  A quick spray before an audition or while on set refreshes my face and sets my make-up. My favorite is Bulgarian Rose face spray by Alteya Organics. I also recently discovered the ‘fruit enzyme mist’ (which repairs, protects and hydrates) by Mychelle.  Continuing with my fondness of sprays I am also loving the John Masters Organics ‘Sea Mist’ for my hair. It’s a combination of sea salt spray with lavender and while in the steamy hot concrete jungle, it brings a little beach to my day.

A skincare line that is made in beautiful Sarasota in West Florida that I am a fan of is SANRE organic skincare. Their Baby Eyes age defying night eye serum is just perfect. I have used eye cream since a teenager and I am always eager to try new eye creams and this serum is by far one of the most hydrating I’ve used. The same line also has a wonderfully luxurious organic skin food. I am loving ‘Siesta Sunset’ with Sea Buckthorn. Just a side note regarding Sea Buckthorn, it can be taken internally and I recommend the juice by Sibu.

A skincare line that I have spoken about before is Honey Girls Organics, made in Hawaii. Their face and Eye cream can be used at night and helps to repair the skin. Even during the summer months it is imperative to support the skin during its time of repair while we sleep. The facial cleanser is fabulous because it is gentle enough to use on my sensitive eyes and even removes my YSL mascara volume effet faux cils. Please view a detailed insight to my experience with Honey Girl Organics at honeygirlorganics.com/testimonials.html

I believe in layering my skincare and I swear by serums. Perfect C Serum by Mychelle protects your skin from harmful free radicals and the result is smooth, flawless skin. I also use their Sun Shield SPF28 which is one of the rare truly chemical free sun shields on the market, thanks to translucent zinc and titanium dioxides. I layer this with the wonderful Juice beauty tinted SPF 20 moisturizer. Also from Juice Beauty is the remarkable blemish clearing serum, this is my go to product when my skin needs some major assistance.

Most importantly during these hot summer months drink filtered water. I aim to drink a couple of liters a day. It’s an internal moisturizer for our largest organ; the skin. Here’s to creating beautiful summer memories…

All the products mentioned are available at Wholefoods.




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