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5 Trendy Fashion Accessories Making a Spring Splash in 2012

Guest Post Fashion trends are exciting and heavily anticipated by the public. This is due to the fact that clothing styles continue to change and evolve from one season to the next, and this year is certainly no different. 2012 is the year that you can expect to see a perfect combination of styles that… Continue Reading

Visit Our New Site! Bag Blog Shoe

Awhile back, I joined Pinterest (you can follow me here: Carleen Coulter on Pinterest). All of sudden, I found myself pinning pictures of shoes. Now, I’m not really as into to shoes as I am into makeup and handbags, but apparently I just can’t resist pictures of them! And then there are the handbags. I… Continue Reading

Footwear Fashion for Winter

Boots are one of the fall’s hottest outerwear trends. Boots come in a plethora of styles and varieties that can be suited to each person’s budget and personality. Every woman should own a pair of boots because they are an essential component to a well-rounded winter wardrobe. Boots can be styled in a number of… Continue Reading

The Most Outrageous Celebrity Heels

I’m as in love with my heels as the next girl, especially when I’m having a ‘short day’, but there’s a time when you just have to say – come on! I’m talking about the trend for massive heels, the ones that are so tall it makes you wince just looking at them. Ok, maybe… Continue Reading

Look Slim With Layers, Prints, and Fashion Accessories

Guest Post: Look Slim with Layers, Prints and Fashion Accessories If the diet isn’t going to plan or there isn’t enough time to reach your ideal weight before the big event don’t give up just yet. Carry on the good work but turn to plan B for some instant tricks to flatter your shape. Here’s… Continue Reading