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Best Affordable Makeup Series: Best Drugstore Blush

Readers often ask about the best drugstore makeup or affordable cosmetics, and a previous syndicated post on the best drugstore mascara has been rather popular here on the site. So,welcome to the first installment of series on drugstore makeup. Today, I take a look at some of the best drugstore blush items. Plus, I will… Continue Reading

Jane Be Pure Cosmetics Liquid Mineral Foundation SPF 30

Jane Cosmetics has a new SPF 30 Jane be Pure Liquid Mineral Foundation at that I really love, although I think it is mislabeled a bit. Why mislabeled? Well, this one really seems like a tinted moisturizer to me. It is very sheer and high in moisture factor. So I wish they had just labeled… Continue Reading

Jane Cosmetics: Blushing Earth Sheer

Jane cosmetics makes a really nice blush that for the life of me, I cannot find online. The shade is blushing earth sheer and it is almost a dead ringer for the famous NARS Orgasm Powder Blush. Pictured is a different, although also nice shade, Jane Blushing Cheeks Powder Blush, Blushing Petal. The blush is… Continue Reading

Review: Jane MaxLash 2 Mascara in Deep Ocean

Update: Jane appears to have been discontinued. A good replacement for this, albeit pricier, is Benefit BadGal Blue. Or take a look at this post: Best Drugstore Mascaras Jane MaxLash 2 Mascara, Deep Ocean represents my first time trying out blue mascara. I was rather hesitant simply because I tend to be pretty darn conservative… Continue Reading

Jane Cosmetics Eye Shadows: One of the Better Drugstore Values!

Update: Jane Cosmetics appears to have been discontinued.You can perhaps find replacements in our affordable makeup series: Best Drugstore Eyeshadow. Jane Cosmetics have been impressing the heck out me lately. Highly affordable and high in quality, I think this is hands down the most consistently good and best value drugstore line out there. Jane cosmetics… Continue Reading

Jane Shimmer Mineral Blush

Yesterday, I reviewed Jane Be Pure Mineral Makeup. When I made that purchase, I also picked up a Jane Shimmer Blush in Natural. As with the mineral makeup, this too is a good value product. Bascially it provides a very light, sheer, neutral to pinkish shimmer that I find works quite well over matte cream… Continue Reading

Review: Jane Be Pure Minerals, a Good Value Mineral Makeup

I have really been nuts over mineral makeup lately. I keep seeing more and more of it in the stores and I keep buying it! Recently I tried another drugstore brand with pretty good results. Jane Mineral Be Pure Makeup is very reasonably priced. I believe I paid around $6 for mine at Osco. Further,… Continue Reading