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Get The Look: Five Steps To Fabulous Fall Makeup

Embracing a casually-glamorous appearance for fall is an ideal way to let a woman’s natural beauty and inner stylish sophistication shine. Following the five steps listed below will give you the foundation for creating your own unique and sophisticated style for the fall season. Also listed are products for the luxury look that is pictured.… Continue Reading

Three Great Eye Makeup Tips for Any Photo Shoot

Want to look fabulous for a photo shoot?  Focus on the eyes to stand out from the average portrait! Seek eyes that  look natural, but still defined: Use a wet angled eye shadow brush like MAC’s 266 dipped in dark brown eyeshadow (Darkhorse by Urban Decay, in the Naked Palette, has a nice deep shimmer… Continue Reading

Creating Bold and Bolder Makeup Looks

Makeup doesn’t have to be a constant neutral look of nude shadow and natural lips. Sometimes livening it up can be fun.  A bolder makeup look can range from simply using brighter and more interesting shades to all out creativity and lots of color, which works great for special events, nights out at a casino,… Continue Reading

15 Of The Best Beauty Tips

Who doesn’t like a list of beauty tips? The list below has some really good ones, some of which I was not aware of! Read on for ways to get the best eyelash curl, the smoothest hair, firm looking skin, and more! The 15 Best Beauty Tips We’ve Ever Heard Beauty editors hear thousands of… Continue Reading

6 Valentine’s Day Makeup Tips

Valentine’s Day Makeup Tips Many women find that on Valentine’s Day they enjoy disregarding their normal makeup routine in lieu of a more romantic look for this special day. Although the emotion of romance is responsible for putting a twinkle in a person’s eye and a glow in her cheeks, these traits can be enhanced… Continue Reading

5 Beauty Fixes After Overindulging On New Years

Today brings a bit of a preemptive post! While Christmas morning might be a big event for the kids, New Year’s Eve is usually when the adults go a little wild with holiday celebration. Unfortunately, the late night, usual New Year’s dressings of alcohol, rich food and sometimes too-cramped rooms and houses can make you look tired,… Continue Reading

7 Fun and Festive Holiday Makeover Tips

Fun and Festive Holiday Looks Holiday makeovers can not only give you an extra opportunity to get into the holiday spirit, these makeovers often work wonders to lift your spirits. Looking your best during the holidays is important because this is a time when many people are very socially active and are attending dinner parties,… Continue Reading

How to Create a Perfect Holiday Party Look

How to Create a Perfect Holiday Party Look The holidays are a perfect time of year to let the charm, colors and sparkle of the season spill over into your makeup, hair and personal style. Holiday parties and family gatherings are a great way to transform your look from the same old routine to festive.… Continue Reading

How to Apply Eye Makeup

As part of our back to basics series, here are some tips on applying eye makeup. Most women know that achieving that natural eye-popping look requires a good deal of patience, experience and knowledge. Whether you are applying cosmetics for a day at the office or for a night on the town, some basic eye… Continue Reading