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Halloween Nail Polish

Halloween Nail Polish? Absolutely! Halloween is almost here! Time for cinnamon, clove, and spiced-pumpkin, warming smells filling the frosty air. Time for leaves to change their color. Time for the long-awaited coolness, wearing sweaters, hot chocolate, hot apple cider, eating festive goodies of all sorts, and cozying up with the little ones indoors with soft,… Continue Reading

MAC Holiday Collection Nail Polish Swatches

Selections from the MAC Cosmetics holiday collection, A Tartan Tale, just landed on my doorstep. Right off, I was interested in the nail polishes because, new for MAC this year, is a gift tin with five mini nail polishes in it. I love MAC polish, and the idea of getting 5 at once thrills me.… Continue Reading

MAC Venomous Villains Nail Polish Swatches

MAC Cosmetics’ Venomous Villains Collection includes three unique nail polish shades with multi-changing pearl hues. All three are found in the Maleficent group of the Venomous Villains Disney Collection.  I hate to say it since I am usually a big fan of MAC nail polish, but I’m not real keen on these. The lacquers go… Continue Reading