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Seeing Turquoise at New York Fashion Week

I love the color turquoise and am getting excited to see it all over the place at New York Fashion Week for spring 2010! I want this bag, seen at Davidelfin! I love this little dress from Cynthia Steffe. There is obviously many more colors meshing with the turquoise in this BCBG dress, making for… Continue Reading

Fashion Friday: Wants From Day One of New York Fashion Week

Gwen Stephani arrived for her L.A.M.B. show at Milk Studios carrying this lovely blue bag. It is suddenly my biggest want of the moment: I am also rather fond of this look form Elie Tahari.  I love orange and saw it used in several day one shows. I also like this one from Elie Tahari.… Continue Reading

The Best of Fashion Week: Must Reads From Around the Net

I’m not at fashion week, but I sure am reading a lot about it! Here are some of the best reports out there. M.A.C. Cosmetics has been sending out face charts from the shows that they did, such as the one pictured from the Doo.Ri  show. If you like those, Temptalia is publishing all of… Continue Reading

Dispatches From New York Fashion Week: Must Read Items

I’m not there, but plenty of others are! And they are all putting out some interesting stuff! Here is roundup of some interesting material and good ways to keep track of all that is New York fashion week. VP of Makeup Artistry for MAC Cosmetics,Gordon E, twittered this from preparation for one of the shows.… Continue Reading

Follow Fashion Week with MAC Cosmetic Senior Artists and Twitter

MAC Cosmetics have set up their senior artists on twitter for micro blogging during New York fashion week and fashion weeks in other cities. If you look down the right sidebar a bit (look below the blogroll), you will see that I have added a widget that will run a feed of their tweets. Note… Continue Reading

Scenes From September: It is Still Summer and I’m Not Going to New York Fashion Week

Welcome to September, the time of year when it is suddenly OK to wear fall colors and not so OK to be sporting those neon pink summer nails. It is the month where the season has not officially changed, but posts abound about fall trends. To confuse the matter, it is also a month of… Continue Reading

M.A.C. Cosmetics Alexander McQueen Collection

OK, so I’m quite sure that most of those reading are not going to do their eyes up as portrayed in the photo. But take a look a that shade. It is gorgeous! It doesn’t even come close to fitting with my ultra neutral style, but I’m trying to think of a way to work it… Continue Reading