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Profane Grocery Wear to the Amish Nun: The Worst of Fashion Week

Fashion Week was this past week. You may have noticed many blogs covering items from the shows, providing face charts, and chatting about their trips to New York. Since I don’t really cover clothing much and prefer to spend my money on purchases of fashion items that are actually wearable rather than on expensive trips… Continue Reading

Fashion Thursday: The Fashion Show, Do You Plan to Watch?

Fashion Friday comes a day early this week! So, first Project runway left Bravo. Then a lawsuit ensued. Now Project Runway 6 is finally set to start on Lifetime on August 15, and reports are that it will include a cheating scandal. In the meantime, Bravo is launching their own fashion design show: The Fashion… Continue Reading

Fashion Friday: Finally! Project Runway 6 Will Debut August 15.

Waiting for Project runway Season 6 has been rather frustrating.  With the ability to release the already completed season because of legal battles, one had to wonder if it ever would get resolved. But the legal dispute has been resolved and Project Runway has announced that Season 6, shot this time on the west coast,… Continue Reading

The Little Black Book of Style, by Nina Garcia of Elle Magazine and Project Runway

I am quite a book lover, and while I am usually found reading fiction, I have quite a soft spot for beauty and fashion books. Some are more enjoyable than others, and some more useful than others. Nina Garcia’s The Little Black Book of Style fits nicely into both the enjoyable and useful categories . The Little… Continue Reading