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Review: Thermaclear Acne Treatment Device

thermaclear Review: Thermaclear Acne Treatment DeviceThe ThermaClear Acne Clearing Device Review: Thermaclear Acne Treatment Device is quite the shocking device. Literally! But it is shocking in a good way.

The rise of technology using heat devices to treat acne is one of the best things to arrive on the beauty scene. Indeed, one of the first things I did when I started Beauty and Fashion Tech was review the Zeno Acne Treatment Device. In that review, I mentioned “zapping” zits. In light of trying the Thermaclear device, I probably should have used the term “heat” with the Zeno and reserved the term “zap” for the Thermaclear! The Thermaclear device is similar to the Zeno, and it also works. Yet Thermaclear is also wildly different. Where the Zeno applies heat over several minutes, Thermaclear quickly shoots them with a jolt of heat.

The Thermaclear device operates on two AA batteries and heats up in a matter of seconds. Once ready, the device is held to a pimple and a button is pushed. Then the thing ZAPS the zit with heat– as in shocks, fries, and jolts it. This is where it is so different from the Zeno, which heats up and then is held on the area for several minutes. The use of the Thermaclear takes only a second. It is also ready for reuse almost immediately. I really like the efficiency it.

The zap is literally a bit shocking, which takes a bit of getting used to. I found that at first it stung quite a bit and that I would flinch in anticipation of it. But after several uses, I was less surprised by it and no longer had that problem. After about six uses I was completely used to it. There is also something rather satisfying about jolting a zit with a shock of heat.

Real life re-enactment: My boyfriend is in the bathroom and I hear the Thermaclear beep that it is ready:

  • Thermaclear: Beeeeep
  • Boyfriend: Ouch!
  • Thermaclear: Beeeep
  • Boyfriend: Ouch!
  • Thermaclear: Beeeep
  • Boyfriend: Ouch!
  • Boyfriend: This Thing Rocks!

Once you get used to that jolt of heat, the Thermaclear Device really does work. I used it on some emerging acne and it was gone the next day. On some tougher acne, the time was cut at least in half. I am quite pleased with the device. Like the Zeno, the Thermaclear is not meant for deep cystic acne or blackheads, although I tried it on cystic acne and thought that it helped bring it to a head a bit quicker.

Both the Zeno and Thermaclear are expensive, although the Thermaclear is a bit cheaper, both intially and with upkeep. Overall, I prefer the Thermaclear because it is so much quicker to use. It also does not need its tip replaced as often as the Zeno does and the battery operation is nice. But if the idea of a true zap of heat makes you nervous, the Zeno is a bit more comfortable to use. It just takes quite a bit longer.

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 Review: Thermaclear Acne Treatment Device

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pixel Review: Thermaclear Acne Treatment Device


  1. Thanks for the info! I have a huge fear of shocks, so I would probably be too afraid to try Thermaclear. Darnit! I haven’t tried the Zeno either, but would probably opt for that one, even if it takes longer to use, since I’m a wimp!

  2. As much as I would love to zap the massive crop of zits that erupted after SF Fashion Week, I gotta say that the shock factor is a little scary. Is there any way that you can burn yourself with the heat?

    I’m soooo curious…

  3. I doubt that a person would gt a burn from the Thermaclear unless they used it improperly. It is meant to be lightly touched to the skin and I imagine that a person would have to press down quite a bit to get a burn from it. After the jolt of heat it cools immediately.

    The “zap” really isn’t that bad, it is just that initially it is so darn surprising! I find now that I don’t mind it at all and even press a bit harder with the device (before I was barely touching my skin with it because I was nervous about it). It did take about 6-8 uses though to get completely used to it. My boyfriend still yelps with it though! And then he keeps on using it!

  4. hehe.. I love the description of your boyfriend’s experience!

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  6. I personally would recommend ZENO over ThermaClear. There might be more cost for Zeno, but it’s more efficient and changing out the tips (which is an added cost) only helps maintain your product by regulating temperature more effectively. Which means bye bye pesky zit! Thanks for your blog!

  7. I bought this product for my daughter not too long ago and it didn’t work on either of us. Her friend had a Zeno, so we tried that out. I was a little relunctant after Thermaclear didn’t work, but Zeno has a money back gurantee. We tried it out and it has worked great on both of us! I would definitely recommend Zeno too.

  8. This is so much QUICKER than the Zeno! The zap is not painful though. As an experiment I pressed as hard as I could on my hand -still no burn. It’s just slightly surprising not painful.

  9. The Zeno has been around a while.
    I suspect that with the slower heating, there tends to be some collateral damage to the surrounding areas of the acne.

    The ThermaClear uses new electronics technology to deliver the punch quickly to the target area. ( Much like precision bombing )

  10. ThermaClear is a faster process only 2 to 3 sec compaired to the Zeno which is 1 to 1.5 min

  11. A few years later.
    I tried to find this product, had no luck. They have probably stopped manufacturing it assuming a later version has come out which has increased usability. Cant believe people still use Zeno though it is just too slow!

  12. I haven’t tried the Thermaclear, but I have had the Zeno for a while and I love it. It may take longer to use, but it works and why mess with something that works.

  13. Totally agree with M Green ThermaClear is much much faster than Zeno. I actually like Zeno better as a product though if only they could spead up the process.

  14. It’s a shame thermaclear is no longer in production, sounded like a good product.

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