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Hair Plus Review

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The Verseo Hair Plus system is a set of hair growth products developed to promote longer and and thicker hair. Hair Plus consists of a conditioner and a shampoo developed to increase hair growth. The products are sold both at Verseo and at Folica, which also has a good number of consumer reviews of the products if you would like to see those. The products are used just as you would use any shampoo and conditioner and the advertise that results can be seen within one month. Based on our research into various Hair Plus reviews, anyone wondering how to make hair grow faster should be interested in these products.

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Hair Plus Review

Reviews of Verseo Hair Plus have been fairly positive. Not perfect, but generally good. A good number of people in hair plus reviews report that they had noticeable hair grown after about a month of using the products, with people generally reporting that they found that they were going in for a trim earlier than usual or that their hair felt noticeably thicker (notice more in people after cuts or with short hair, since the new hair growth, is just that, new).  Reports have been generally good both with use of just the conditioner and with using both the shampoo and conditioner, with a preference for using both products together. Expect to perhaps notice results after a month, but in reality use over a period of multiple months is preferable to see real results.  However, to be fair, not everyone reported results, with a majority reporting some success, but 30% or so reporting no effect at all. Also, a common complaint about the products is that they simply are not all that great in terms of general  conditioning, so if you have dry hair and choose to try the Hair Plus products, you might want to add another conditioner, such as a good leave in spray, to assure full conditioning and detangling.

Hair Plus Recommendation

Our recommendation is that if you have thinning hair or seek quicker overall growth, to give Hair Plus a try for a few months. the products are not terrible expensive, so there is little to lose. If you have dry hair and need additional moisture, add in a good leave in conditioner. Verseo often has the items on sale, but when they do not, Folica is sometimes slightly cheaper.

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Hair Plus Video

For anyone interested, here is also a You Tube consumer review of the product from someone who grew 2.5 inches of hair rather quickly using it. I found the video kind of interesting and it is what led me to research the product for this blog post.



Buy Hair Plus at Verseo

Buy Hair Plus at Folica

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