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Garnier Nutritioniste Review

Garnier Eye Roller
Garnier Eye Roller

Garnier has a new skin care line, now out in the stores. The Garnier Nutritioniste line offers a variety of products under three categories:

  • Ultra-lift: A product set focusing on wrinkle control and firming. The set includes two firming moisture creams, one with SPF 15 and one without, an eye cream, a serum, and a night cream. Key advertised ingredients are Vitamin A, Omega 3+6, and rice protein.
  • Skin Renew: A set focusing on smooth, even-toned skin. The set includes two moisture lotions, one with SPF 15 and one without, a moisture cream (no SPF), anti-fatigue eye cream, a serum, and a two-step micro-polish kit. Key advertised ingredients are Vitamin E with Grape Seed Extract (a natural skin lightener and antioxidant), Vitamin B5, and Green Leaf Extract.
  • Nutri-Pure: A set focusing on cleansing and “detoxifying.” It includes wet cleansing towelettes, a cream cleanser, a gel cleanser, and a microbead scrub.

I spotted the products at Target, which also has a free pamphlet describing the products and a tester bottle of the Skin Renew Serum. The serum has a nice feel and smell. At approximately $12 for a bottle, I am curious to see if the vitamin C level is enough to have any noticeable effect. Unfortunately, such products rarely publicize the amount of key ingredients.

I purchased the wet cleansing towelettes and am impressed. They provide enough cleanser to remove makeup, but do not foam up in a manner that would over dry the skin. As with the serum, they also have a nice aroma.

I plan to explore these products further.

Update: I love the eye roller!!!

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