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Two Revlon Mascara Reviews: Fabulash and Luxurious Lengths

Revlon fabulash
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I like to compare products, so it was a convenient coincidence that I have been trying two different Revlon mascaras for the past few weeks, Revlon Fabulash and Luxurious Lengths. I like the Fabulash quite a bit, while I have mixed feelings about Revlon Luxurious Lengths.

So many people seem to rave about Maybelline Great Lash, but I have never really liked the stuff. No matter how carefully I wipe off the excess, it clumps and smears on me. I also generally have better luck with smaller brushes. So when I first opened the Fabulash, I was a bit nervous. It has a large brush with unusually large gaps between the bristles. I immediately assumed that I would hate it. But I was pleasantly surprised. The mascara did not clump, and it defined and lengthened better than anything I have used yet. It stays on all day and removes well. This is a definite keeper for me.


Revlon mascara review
Revlon mascara

The Luxurious Lengths also surprised me, but in a less fortunate manner. The brush is more like what I prefer, with smaller and closely spaced bristles, but it is also a bit odd. It is curved, with bristles on one side, and flat on the other. The idea is to use the bristle side to lengthen the lashes and the flat side to add additional color. The first problem could be unique to me. I really dislike curved brushes. When I switch to holding it in my left hand, I struggle not to turn it upside down or crooked. Others of course might be more coordinated than I am. I admit that I am a klutz! However, beyond the problem of the curved brush, I didn’t find that the flat side added much. The bristle side worked fine. It lengthened appropriately, although not as much as the Fabulash, without clumping or smearing. When I tried the flat side though, it either added little or clumped some. So in the end, I don’t think the brush design really works. It seems more like an advertising gimmick to me.

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