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Estee Lauder Eye Products: Artists Brow Mobile Essentials, Lash XL, and Estee Lauder Eyeshadow

Estee Lauder Brow Kit

In an attempt to get my brows a bit better defined, I ordered the Estee Lauder Artists Brow, Mobile Essentials Kit. With that purchase, I also received a sample mascara and an eyeshadow duo. I like the products and have been wearing Estee Lauder eyes all week!The brow kit involves a clear gel, colored and white pencils, tweezers, and a small brush, all in one easy to carry tube. I purchased the light shade, which had a light ash colored pencil. For my medium blond brows, that was about right. The gel is good quality and having the extra brush to groom things into order is handy. I hadn’t thought about using a white pencil around my brows before, but I tried it as a highlighter under and over them a bit and found that I liked the effect. The only criticism I have of this kit is that the tweezers are useless. They are tiny and flimsy, and I could not get them to grab onto a hair no matter how hard I tried. But I didn’t buy this kit for the tweezers, I got it for the gel and pencil combo, so I really don’t mind.

The mascara sample I got of Estee Lauder Lash XL surprised me. I think I probably have gotten the same sample before and failed to try it. Wow, was I missing out! I love this stuff! That is rather surprising too because the brush is a normal to larger size, which I normally don’t care for because I end up with clumps. Not so with this one! The mascara goes on clump free and lengthens beautifully. It also stays very well, with no flaking. I really wasn’t expecting anything from my little sample tube, and now it looks like I will have to run out and buy a full size one since over the course of this week, it has become my go to mascara.

Finally, the eyeshadow duo made me quite happy as well. It had been a long time since I wore an Estee Lauder shadow, and I had forgotten that it really is pretty good stuff. Good pigmentation, no issues with it creasing, and it lasts all day.

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