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Jane Cosmetics Eye Shadows: One of the Better Drugstore Values!

Jane Eyeshadow

Update: Jane Cosmetics appears to have been discontinued.You can perhaps find replacements in our affordable makeup series: Best Drugstore Eyeshadow.

Jane Cosmetics have been impressing the heck out me lately. Highly affordable and high in quality, I think this is hands down the most consistently good and best value drugstore line out there.

Jane cosmetics eye shadows are super cheap and yet have a pretty impressive quality to them. They blend well and have minimal creasing. I found that the lighter shades did not have the pigment payout as some other more expensive, yet excellent value shadows that I have covered such as those from Flirt! or Smart Skin. But they still seemed to be better pigmented than some more expensive drugstore brands and the darker shades seemed to be quite well pigmented. The only serious issue I have had with them is that they seem to wear off a bit quicker than some of the more expensive brands and I found that they are a bit too soft for use as a liner. However, at around $5 for a palette of several shades, it is hard to complain too much. I have Jane Eye Zing Carry Along Eye Shadow, Browns and love the shades. Dream Cream reminds me quite a bit of M.A.C vanilla, which I have always loved as a base shade.

One of the fun things about the Jane shadows is that you can get them in many different forms and all are very inexpensive. The stores have them in individual pots and then there are palettes of 4 and 6 easily found in the drugstores. Online, there is the Jane Eye Zing Eye Mixers Eye Shadow Compact (pictured) which comes in a variety of collections of 8 shades. In the one pictured, it’s A Girl, Hi Ho Silver, and White Lies are some of my favorite Jane Shades (it also has Dream Cream, referenced above). I have seen the 8 shade palettes in some, but not all, stores that carry Jane Cosmetics (Walgreen’s and Osco are where I see them the most).

I also have reviewed Jane Be Pure Mineral Makeup.

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