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Review: Flirt Cosmetics Eye Shadow

flirt! cosmetics eye shadow
Flirt! Eyeshadow

I can’t believe it has taken me this long to get around to reviewing my favorite eyeshadow! Flirt! Cosmetics, one of the cosmetics line exclusive to Kohl’s stores, makes some truly wonderful and quite affordable products. Produced by the people behind Estee Lauder, I guess the quality should be no big surprise.

Awhile back I purchased what has become my all time favorite light brown eyeshadow, Flirt Cosmetics Dreamy Eyes, in vanilla truffle (note: a different shade is pictured). This medium-light taupe color has become a staple for me. I use it alone on the lids with a bit of highlighter on the brow, or I use it in the crease with a bone or pink color underneath. Flirt’s wink of pink is a great complimentary shade for that. I have also used it as a light colored liner. The vanilla truffle shade is just simply perfect for me. The quality is wonderful as well. Flirt’s eye shadows are well pigmented and build color well. They are also easy to blend and don’t crease. The shadow comes packaged in a rather funky case that slides open, popping up a mirror. As I mentioned in my review of Flirt Peek-a-Blush, I don’t find that necessary, and would prefer a plain pot, but others might like it.

Overall, the quality of Flirt eye shadow is right up there with favorites such as Bobbie Brown, M.A.C. or Dior, yet at $10 it is the best value. The only downside is that Flirt does not have the shade selection of a line such as M.A.C. The shades they do have though are quite nice. You can find Flirt Cosmetics at Kohls stores. I highly recommend watching for sales or coupons because they often have one or the other available, making the line even more of a good value.

Also available at Kohls are a couple of other quality cosmetics lines: Good Skin and American Beauty Cosmetics. I have previously reviewed Good Skin Eye Shadow and I have a review of American Beauty’s eyeshadow in the works.

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