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Flirt Cosmetics Review: Peek-A-Blush

I had always been curious about Flirt! Cosmetics, a line of cosmetics produced by Estee Lauder for Kohls stores. Anytime I was in Kohls, I would wander by and note that I liked both the colors and the prices. But I never got around to buying until recently.

Flirt! blush
Flirt! blush

I am still deciding what I think of the Flirt! eyeshadow, so that will have to wait for a future review (update, I love it!). I do like the Peek-A-Blush, at least for the purpose that I bought it for, which was as a sheer blush to use to set my cream blush. Since I have been dry this winter, cream blush has really been my main source of color.

Flirt! Peek-A-Blush is advertised as a sheer powder blush, and I purchased the shade “play cupid.” This is a very (very, very) pale pink shade. I love the color as something sheer to sweep over cream blush to set it. I also have used it alone when I wanted just a hint of color and was happy with it. But the shade is so pale and so sheer, that as a stand alone blush I can’t imagine it working well on anything but fairly pale skin. I am curious to take another look at their other shades. Unfortunately, the store where I purchased mine only had three shades in stock, all of which were very pale, and it did not appear to have slots for anything near the number shown on their website. I think I only saw slots for five shades.

The Flirt! blush comes in an attractive compact with a mirror and small brush. For some this will be a positive. For me, I prefer a plain pot. I don’t need the mirror and the little brush will never be used. I would rather they leave the extra stuff out and charge less. The case also opens somewhat oddly. It slides open and the mirror then pops up. It does look quite nice though.

The Peek-A Blush was $10 at Kohls. It left me curious about their cheek tint and cheek mousse, which I might try next. I will report on the eyeshadow after I have used it a bit more.

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