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Dior Diorissime Fall 2007 Pallette

Dior Diorissime 002Dior has a gorgeous fall palette out consisting of 4 eye shadows and two lip glosses. I believe it is slated to be offered in two different looks, one for day and one for evening, but right now I can only find one of them (#002, pictured).

I really don’t need one of these, but have been debating getting one anyway. The colors are beautiful and the case is so darn pretty! I want, want, want it!!! In a feeble attempt to talk me out of it my boyfriend said it would make me look fat. Yeah right….

For some more pictures and a look at a couple of wonderful fall 2007 Dior handbags, take a look at A Touch of Blusher’s post on the Dior fall products. I can’t let myself get one of the wonderful pink Dior handbags, so maybe this is the next best thing, even though I really don’t need more eyeshadow.

Should I get a a Dior Diorissime pallete or not? Someone talk me into it or out of it!

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