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Book Review: Ten Years Thinner: Week Four of the Diet and Exercise Program

Ten Years Thinner Book ReviewI have now finished week four of the Ten Years Thinner diet and exercise plan, by Dr. Christine Lydon, M.D. This week saw another illness, which made me miss a number of days of exercise. I lost no weight, but my measurements continued to shrink. For those confused how that could happen, keep in mind that muscle takes up less space, but weighs more than fat, so I assume that I replaced some fat with muscle. That is good with me!

Weight lost in week three: 0 pounds (no gain either, I just stayed the same).
Total weight lost through four weeks: 10 pounds

Inches off in week four: Thigh 1/2, Hips 1/2, Stomach 1 (Yay!), Arm 0, Chest 0.
Total inches off so far: Thigh 1 3/4, Hips 1 1/2, Stomach 2 3/4, Arm 1/2, Chest 4.

The annoyance this week was that I was ill yet again. A couple of weeks ago I had the flu, and much of this week I had a cold. I am normally very healthy, so back to back illnesses are quite unusual for me. I’m beginning to wonder if the sudden lifestyle changes messed with me enough to make me more susceptible to such things. Regardless, while I did not lose weight, I did continue to drop inches–something I could tell by the fit of my clothes before I even took my weekly measurements.

I was allowed to bring dairy back in this week and used that to switch out eggs for a couple of breakfasts with cottage cheese and fresh pineapple. Otherwise, I didn’t take advantage of the dairy all that much. I added a bit of Feta cheese to a salad, and sprinkled a bit of cheese on some chili, but that was about it. Obviously, I am being good about taking my calcium and magnesium pills since I am not drinking milk like I used to!T

Today marks the start of week five. I am now allowed to have up to 100 calories of high glycemic foods, such as grains, potatoes, or corn with each meal, and 2 ounces of chocolate or dried fruit with each snack. However, I am a bit concerned that because of my two illnesses, I haven’t built up as much muscle by this point in the program as I should have for my body to be ready to handle the high glycemic foods and still continue to lose weight. So I am inclined to wait another week before adding much of those. My hope is to have a full week of normal exercise this week now that my cold is subsiding.

Amazingly, I don’t miss the grains now anyway and have pretty much gotten a fruit habit formed. Our beer of the month club shipment came today though and will have to sit in the fridge and wait a few more weeks. I do miss that!

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