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Ten Years Thinner by Dr. Christine Lyndon, M.D.: Week Five of the Diet and Fitness Plan

Ten Years Thinner Book ReviewI have now finished week five of the Ten Years Thinner diet and exercise book, by Dr. Christine Lydon, M.D. I have one week formally left to go.

This week essentially saw no changes. No gain, no loss, either in weight or size. I found that interesting because while I did cheat with Easter dinner, I wasn’t terrible about it–I kept portion sizes low, especially on the high glycemic items. I also felt that the week went particularly well in terms of exercise and I feel stronger despite the lack of any results this week.

Total weight lost through five weeks: 10 pounds (most lost generally in the first 2 weeks)

Total inches off so far: Thigh 1 3/4, Hips 1 1/2, Stomach 2 3/4, Arm 1/2, Chest 4 (losses were generally spread across the weeks).

The diet now allows grains and high glycemic vegetables in limited amounts and allows a bit of dark chocolate. I found that I adore Planter Nutrition Energy Mix, which has Almonds, Honey Roasted Sesame Sticks, Peanuts, Walnuts, Pecans & Dark Chocolate Covered Soynuts. That would not be compliant with the first 4 weeks, but I think is OK now. The calories are slightly higher with it than other nut mixes, although not horribly so. If other chocolate is not added, it does not add any more calories than a person would get following the diet and adding chocolate separately. I still am eating a more standard nut mix for some snacks as well.

I also found a decent eating out option. Outback Steakhouse has a chopped ahi tuna salad that is terrific. It is a basic chopped lettuce salad with chunks of cucumber, and it comes with a light wasabi vinaigrette. Thin slices of rare ahi tuna are laid across the top. The salad does include crunchy tortilla strips, so ask for those to be left off in weeks 1-4. It also is a rather large salad, so consider saving half. The hardest part about eating at Outback for me was not eating the bread. Somehow I managed to stop myself. My husband, however, ate the entire loaf and then asked for a second!

Next week will mark the end of the 6 week program and will be my last weekly update. However, I will likely update again one month after that.

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