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Essence of Beauty Brush Kit With Press Eyeliner Brush

Nars eyeliner brush Essence of Beauty makeup brushes come from a quality drugstore line that can be found at CVS stores. For more on them in general, see my previous review: Essence of Beauty Makeup Brushes.

When I was in CVS the other day, I noticed that the Essence of Beauty line had a travel kit on sale that included a press eyeliner brush (also known as a push liner). If you are unfamiliar with what a press eyeliner brush is, it is a stiff, flat makeup brush, that allows the user to push eyeshadow or liner up under the lashes. Having one is a great way to use dark shadow easily as a eyeliner. Pictured is one from NARS that is a bit expensive, but that I also rather like.

It looks like the only way to get the more affordable Essence of Beauty eyeliner brush is to buy the travel kit set.  If the brush is sold separately, my local CVS did not have it.  But the kit was only $9.99.  So, anyone wanting an affordable press liner brush might want to take a look at the specials isle at their local CVS (the kit not in the brush section at my local CVS–it was only in the specials area)

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