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AB Skin Care: Sunscreen for You and Baby

AB Skin Care is a skin care line created by dermatologist Dr. Craig Austin. While the line focuses mainly on products with a good quality and strength of glycolic acid, today I am writing on a couple of great sunscreens from the line. I will be reviewing the glycolic acid products in another week or two (tiny preview: I really like them) .

AB Sun Sunscreen SPF 45 AB Sun is right in line with the type of sunscreen I seek out. It has a mix of chemical and physical blockers, high SPF, and antioxidants. For those like me who have some issues with melasma, this is the best type of sunscreen to wear, because it gives full coverage protection and will last longer than a sunscreen that only contains chemical blockers. Here is the what the product literature on it says:

With advanced anti-photoaging complex, AB Sun has been formulated to block UV radiation and provide broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection using micronized zinc oxide. With SPF 45, AB Sun delivers a unique antioxidant, free radical quenching and neutralizing complex whose composition includes green tea polyphenols and caffeine, two of the most potent ingredients in fighting the signs of aging.

The sunscreen is a thicker lotion that feels slightly moisturizing, but not overly so. Although it is a bit on the thicker side, it doesn’t feel particularly heavy, and it absorbs quite quickly. For a well rounded sunscreen, I highly recommend this one!

AB Skin Care Baby SPF 30 AB Baby is a sunscreen that is obviously aimed at babies, but I actually like it for myself. The product description is as follows:

A chemical-free sunscreen with SPF 30 specially formulated for the sensitive skin of babies and children starting at six months old. The moisturizing formula takes effect immediately – so there’s no waiting for the protection to start working to stop sunburn and provide extreme UVA/UVB protection. With vitamins A, C, E and green tea extract, AB Baby provides the highest level of broad-spectrum protection available. It’s your baby’s best defense against the sun, with all in one protection.

This one has a lighter feel than AB Sun and provides a bit of moisture. Its sunscreen is 17% zinc oxide, for some great full coverage blocking. That type of ingredient is great for children, but is also wonderful for those who are battling melasma or other pigmentation issues. I have been wearing it on my areas of concern quite a bit. Because it has quite a bit of zinc oxide, it will make your skin appear a bit white until it absorbs, although I found that it wasn’t an issue, especially if I put on makeup over it. So, this one isn’t necessarily just for babies!

AB Skin Care is available at their online store.

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