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M Lab Anti-Aging Eye Cream and Anti-Aging Treatment Serum

I have been trying out some M Lab luxury skin care products and today I focus on two of my favorites, M Lab Anti-Aging Eye Cream, and M Lab Anti-Aging Treatment Serum.

M LAB Skin Care

M Lab focuses on including a high level of active treatment ingredients in every product. Their eye cream is wonderful stuff. It is deeply moisturizing, with quick absorption, and  it has  luxurious look and feel to it. My under eye area has been looking great ever since I started using the cream a month ago and it is up there with the best I have ever tried. There are a multitude of different active ingredients in this eye cream and details are available on the M Lab site. Unfortunately, it all also comes with a hefty price tag–$170 for .5 oz.  So, as much as I love my sample, I can’t quite jusitify spending that much for an eye cream. It is very good, but there are more affordable good eye creams out there as well.

Another M LAb favorite of mine is the treatment serum. This serum is formulated with 74% active ingredients and targets wrinkles, hydration, and pigmentation. It absorbs into the skin with a bit of tingling, but I didn’t find myself running into sensitivity issues with it.  After a couple of weeks of nightly use, my skin definitely looks brighter. I love this serum, but as with the eye cream, it carries a high price–$275 for 1 oz. Again, it is lovely stuff, but I don’t beleive that it merits that high of a high price tag.

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