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My Adult Acne Cure: Arcona and Peter Thomas Roth

After battling adult cystic acne for some time and trying multiple acne remedies, including many prescription acne medicines, such as Differin Gel, Azaelic acid, and Retin A, I bought some Arcona acne treatment products and finally pretty much found my acne cure! I am now using a mix of Arcona skincare products with one Peter Thomas Roth acne treatment product, which I also purchased, and with a few occasional other products that I will list, and I have been almost acne free ever since (It has been around four months now). When something does pop up, this acne treatment system, especially the Peter Thomas Roth product, seems to clear it up fast—within 24-48 hours much of the time, which amazes me!  The process hasn’t been perfect though, with some of the products initially causing my skin to get too dry, so read along as I describe the acne treatment process I am using and details about the products. This is the first time in years that I have found a system that works so well for me.

Peter Thomas Roth Acne Spot Treatment

Lets begin with my holy grail product of the treatment. If I could pick only one item to use this would be it.

Peter Thomas Roth Acne Spot Treatment Lets begin with my holy grail product of the treatment. If I could pick only one item to use this would be it.

Peter Thomas Roth Acne Spot and Area Treatment:This product has been nothing short of amazing for me.  Used as a spot treatment it has cleared up even tough cystic acne for me quickly—as in completely gone within 24 to 48 hours. I would say it is effective for me on cystic acne up to 90% of the time. Only a few spots seem to resist it. It isn’t particularly drying and has a nice ingredient mix that tosses in a bit of several quality active treatment ingredients and then adds a bunch of treatment extracts that can also lessen skin discoloration from the acne.Active ingredients are: 5% Sulfur, Salicylic Acid, and Glycolic Acid. It also adds soothing ingredients such as Aloe and Allantoin, plus has a bunch of extracts that are good for general skin care such as Willow Bark Extract, Panthenol (Pro VitaminB5), Orange Fruit Extract, Grape Seed Extract, Mulberry Leaf Extract, Blueberry Leaf Extract, Licorice Root Extract, Lavender Extract, Echinacea Angustifolia Extract, Vitamin E, and Vitamin C. I have seen some consumer reviews of this product that complained about the sulfur smell. It does have a bit of sulfur odor to it, but I don’t personally mind it. Sulfur is a great treatment ingredient and the smell of the the Peter Thomas Roth spot treatment was not as high as that of many other sulfur products that I have used. Peter Thoimas Roth Acne Spot Treatment

Arcona Daily Skin Care Products The rest of my acne treatment program consists of products from Arcona.

ARCONA Raspberry Acne Bar: I love this raspberry scented acne bar. However, it can be very drying, so I use it only when my skin is especially oily or if I have an unexpected breakout (which has only happened once since I started this regime).  The bar cleanses and contains bacteria killing ingredients. It dries out oil fast, but be careful not to overuse it. I did at first and ended up very dry. I have since learned to use it only once each day and to add a light moisturizer if needed. Arcona raspberry acne bar
ARCONA Tabula Rasa: Tabula Rasa is a treatment toner, and since it is a bit small, it is also a bit expensive as a toner. Because of that, although I loved it, I didn’t repurchase it and have still been OK acne wise. I did feel that it helped with curing my initial breakouts when I first began the Arcona acne treatment regime, but it likely isn’t necessary for prevention.  If you don’t mind the cost, try it, especially for initially clearing things up and then decide whether to keep refilling it. Arcona tabula rasa
ARCONA The Solution: This acne and anti-aging treatment serum is my other must have product. Used at night, it kills acne causing bacteria and also contains a number of other treatment agents that address not just acne but aging and general skin care as well. The directions say to use it a couple of time each week, but I use it daily with no problems. I don’t find it to be either irritating or drying. Anyone with sensitive skin who is concerned about using treatment serums might be interested in the ARCONA Gentle Solution instead. Arcona  the solution

Adjunct Products in the Acne Treatment Regime Along with the staple items above, I also still use my Zeno and Claro acne treatment devices (link is to comparison review) and wear a high SPF sunscreen because I also have melasma. Right now, my favorite sunscreens have been ARCONA Reozone SPF 40 and Physician’s Formula Healthy Wear (link is to previous review), which is super high SPF, physically blocking, lightly moisturizing, affordable, and easy to find at your local drugstore. Wonderful stuff! both of those items do have a fair amount of titanium dioxide, which causes acne in some people. I have had no issues with them though. When I get really dry, I also add a light moisturizer. Aside from the Healthy Wear mentioned above, I love Canyon Ranch (link is to previous review) and have been using it the most.

Below are some shopping boxes for the products (click through to the site to see the boxes if you are reading this in the feed), including a couple of other Arcona products that are part of the acne treatment line that I haven’t tried (the a.m. treatment look especially interesting to me).I usually get Arcona from SpaLook, because they tend to consistently carry the full line. Peter Thomas Roth and Canyon Ranch are also available there. Beauty.com also often has the full Arcona line.icon I also added a couple of links to Target for Physician’s Formula Healthy Wear, but most people can get that in just about any big box retailer or drugstore store quite easily.



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