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The Best Make Up For Hazel Eyes

Some are blessed with a unique hazel eye color, making it difficult to know what makeup works best. The color can range from green to gray and light brown depending on what you are wearing and is altered by makeup shades, Below are tips on makeup on the best make up for hazel eyes. Buying makeup for this eye color can be challenging for some but here are the basic guidelines:

1) Line those eyes! Remember that dark eyeliner will make your eyes stand out even more, giving almost a vampy look. This is great for evenings out on the town with your guy or girlfriends, our simply when you want to draw attention to your face when in casual environments or presenting to a large group. With so many liners on the market, Shiseido is one preferred brand, particularly the Makeup Smoothing Eyeliner Pencil. It goes on smoothly so you don’t have to pull at that delicate area of your eye, doesn’t smudge, and can be blended to give you that to die for smoky eye. When it comes to make up for hazel eyes, this option is great because it comes in two shades, allowing you to go for the rich dark look or light natural look.

Stila color wheel palette

2) Bright colors are going to reflect whatever you wear, meaning your eye color will appear to change once your in fluorescent light. When opting for vibrant shades in attire, the make up for hazel eyes should be muted and more natural. The Stila Color Wheel Eye Shadow Palette (above) is a great purchase for those who love to experiment. This wonderful assortment of great shades from warm and natural to bright, sassy and classy is available at Sephora  Not only do you get a great palette of color, but Stila also provides tips on application and step-by-step instructions from their own artists to create your best look. For my ladies on the go, Stila has great traveling palettes in shades influenced by locations around the world, great makeup for hazel eyes. Check out Sephora for the limited edition Stila Trendsetting In Tokyo Travel Palette ($65 Value (below), this one is only $10 and is all about eye popping color with personality! It offers an amazing selection of 4 award winning Stila colors to complement whatever you wear and individual style. It’s one of a limited edition 5 part series, this just happens to be one of my favorites.

Stila trendsetting in tokyo

3) One of the most important types of make up for lighter eye colors is mascara. And similar to hair, everyone has different wants and needs; some mascara products will lengthen while others add volume, at times both. I prefer a product that defines my lashes, doesn’t smudge or clump and is easy to remove. One favorite is Stila Convertible Mascara Black. Application is easy and it gives you a long, strong lash minus the raccoon look by the end of a long day and washes of with just warm water.

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