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OttLite Makeup Mirror Review

Years ago, I had a cheap drugstore lighted makeup mirror with different light settings, none of which were really all that accurate.  I don’t know if you can still get those or not, but there definitely is a better solution. The OttLite Dual Sided Makeup Mirror uses true natural lighting packaged with a nice dual sided mirror for accurate makeup application.

OttLite Makeup Mirror

The OttLite features a dual sided mirror that easily flips over. One side is a standard mirror, while the other offers 5x magnification. A nice feature of the mirror is that it can also be set to just about any angle, and can be done so in several ways. First, the entire base can be angled, but second, the mirror itself can be angled. This provides a lot of options, and is particularly nice if you like to bend over a bit when applying eyeliner or other makeup items. The mirror is also attractive and comes in a variety of colors and patterns. I got the black and white mirror, also pictured above, and it is rather striking in appearance. I like its cool, modern look.  But where the mirror really shines in in its light source.

The OttLite Makeup mirror blends multiple wavelengths of light to create accurate natural outdoor lighting. Color stays true in this light, there is no harshness or glare, and it allows for great makeup application. My blue shadow really looked blue in this light and accurate blending with the light is a breeze. I really appreciated the quality of the light on this mirror and definitely recommend it over the cheap drugstore options.

the OttLite isn’t the cheapest makeup mirror option around, but it definitely one of the best in regard to quality, which I feel justifies its $69.99 price tag, especially since the mirror should last for many, many years. This item will definitely be in the running to make my best products of the year list at the end of the year.

OttLite was also kind enough to offer one mirror as a giveaway item for Beauty and Fashion Tech.  I will be putting that contest up as a separate post!

Want one? Shop for the OttLite Makeup Mirror.

Disclosure: This review is based on a product provided by a representative of the company. For more, please see the Disclosure Page.

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