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Bringing Extreme Color to Everyday Hairstyles

Ever considered bright hair? While bright blues and oranges are most commonly associate with punk hairstyles, there is no reason why these extreme colors cannot be incorporated with standard hairstyles to add a new dimension to a normal cut. With workplaces getting more tolerant of these colors, more women are willing to experiment and see how these bright hues may work with their normal style. In many cases, these colors are only temporary and can be a chance for a woman to take on a new style without making the heavy time commitment of waiting for a long term dye to wash out. The following ideas are a few ways to bring extreme colors into the mainstream.

Try a Bright Stripe

Avril Lavine pink hair

Admittedly, Avril Lavigne comes from the punk pop camp, but her use of color could find a home far away from the punk world. When the neon pink is taken away, the remaining hairstyle is one that countless women wear and is simply long hair with an off-center part. However, adding the pink streak at the forefront of the style helps to balance the part and create a more developed look. Choosing the right color for this type of look will depend on a woman’s natural hair tone. If a woman has darker hair, orange or yellow may make a better contrast while fair-haired women may want to add a blue or green for dramatic effect.

Creative Color For Short Hair

Creative red and purple hair

Women with a shorter cut may want to look at using an extreme color to make their hairstyle more dynamic. In this example, the color is used to make a general fade that eventually blends into a more natural hair color at the back of the head. Combined with a modern, angled bob, adding a heavy highlight will add a layer of depth for women who naturally have less volume. While this style may be close to the line for some working environments, it would be well suited for an urban woman that wants to declare her individuality in a sea of women with similar short haircuts.

All Over Extreme Hair Color

Lady Gaga Green Hair

For a woman that wants to add an extreme element to a popular hairstyle, dying the whole hair may be a temporary option for a new look. Of course, not many women can pull off the sea green of Lady Gaga’s style, but it shows clearly how an extreme color can be part of a normal haircut. More muted colors work best for a full dye, such as a lighter pink or purple. A brighter color can be too strong and destroy any elegance that could be achieved in using non-natural hair colors.

Using extreme hair colors should not be limited to only women who are involved with certain music subcultures like punk or rockabilly. What these subcultures have shown the hairstyling world is that experimentation is a good thing and positive results can definitely come from adding different colors to the hair. A woman that is not ready for a full-on extreme hairstyle may discover that these types of changes are a great way to bridge the gap between a mundane hairstyle and an extreme experiment.

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