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Little Black Bag Review

If you haven’t heard of Little Black Bag, you should! This extremely fun shopping experience involves mystery products and fun trading. Warning! It is addictive! The Big Budda Clutch pictured below was my favorite item in my last bag. You can see my video opening the bag and my review of it below.

Little Black Bag Review Big Budda Clutch

Little Black Bag works like this:

(1) Purchase a bag of products at Little Black Bag: You can buy a single bag for $59.95, or sign up for a monthly bag at $49.95. Monthly is easy and safe because you can skip a bag or cancel at any time with just a few simple clicks. LBB tacks on a few bucks for shipping. I think my bags have been around $54 with shipping.

(2) Pick Your first item: You choose your first item, which can range in value from a few dollars to over $100. Needless to say, most people pick a pricier item! You are guaranteed to have this item in your bag.

(3) Get your bonus items: Little Black Bag will add a couple of bonus mystery items to your bag. You won’t know what they are until you accept the bag. Your total bag value will end up worth at least $100, often more. Mine have been around $110-120. Then the fun begins!

(4) Trade!:  You have 7 days to trade your items if you so desire. This is the fun and addicting part. Don’t like that silver nail polish mystery item you got? Trade it for something else! Did a new cool handbag suddenly get added? Trade your first chosen item for it. You can offer trades and see offers made to you quickly and easily.

(5) Ship Your Bag: When your trading time is up, or anytime before that if you feel satisfied, click to ship your bag. You are then charged and it will arrive a few days later.

The entire experience is a lot of fun. I am on my third bag and so far am pretty happy. The handbags on the site seem to be particularly good. On the downside, sometimes the photos on there do not show sizes well, so reading comments left by others on items can be worth it. For example, I got some pricey cubic zirconia earrings that I like just fine, but they were much larger than I expected and I might have chosen something else had I known that. Meanwhile, another necklace was bulkier than I imagined, while yet another was smaller than I thought. So, keep in mind that it really can be a bit of a mystery. Reading comments on items and looking at them on the brand’s websites help. Also, lots of people do video openings of their bags, which allows you to see items. I’m rather excited about the handbag that I have coming next after seeing several videos of it!

I also had one necklace come broken, which you can see in the video below, although right after I filmed it, I fixed it myself. It was a simple case of an attaching lop needing to be closed up. I am told that Little Black Bag has good customer service on these things.

Here is my video opening on my most recent bag. I love the clutch wallet that I got in this one! to see openings of future bags, subscribe to my new YouTube channel!


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