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Mascara Monday: Best Drugstore Mascaras

Today’s Mascara Monday is a list of the best drugstore mascara syndicated from Total Beauty. I agree with some items and not with others on their list. For example, the Almay mascara listed was a bit clumpy for me and smudged (I’ll have a review up on it in a few weeks). But number 9… Continue Reading

Budget Beauty: Top Drugstore Beauty Products

We have been focusing on the top drugstore beauty product for some time here on Beauty and Fashion Tech.  so, it is nice to be able to provide this article on the topic syndicated from Total Beauty. Read below for their top drugstore beauty buys! I took a look and agree with everything on the list. They… Continue Reading

Mascara Monday: Lowest Rated Mascaras

For today’s Mascara Monday, I have a piece syndicated from Total Beauty on their lowest rated mascara. I haven’t tried all of these, but I will say that I didn’t think the Smashbox mascara on the list was all that bad.  I didn’t love it either. I generally just found it average. To learn more,… Continue Reading

Weekend Reading From Total Beauty: Michele Obama’s Beauty Secrets

I love Michel Obama’s look. So I liked this article on her beauty secrets. Read below for more, courtesy of Total Beauty. Michelle Obama’s Beauty Secrets From her volume-packed bob hairstyles to her radiant skin, photos and tips on recreating the first lady’s looks Read these pro tips on how to make her best looks,… Continue Reading

Mascara Monday Bonus: The Best Mascaras For Length and Volume From Total Beauty

Whenever Total Beauty has material for syndication available on mascara, I’ll try to include it with my Mascara Monday posts. As luck would have it ,they did have something for the inaugural week! Take a look below for Total Beauty’s list of the best mascaras for length and volume. Of the items on the list… Continue Reading

Beauty Products That Can Change Your Life

Here is a look at what everyday women find as their top beauty products. Forget what the celebrities and “experts” say. Take a look at suggestions from the general public! Below are opinions on life changing beauty products, syndicated from Total Beauty. By the way, my top items of the moment are Creme de la… Continue Reading