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L’Oreal Sublime Bronze Self Tanner Review

200 7 LOreal Sublime Bronze Self Tanner Review

L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Self Tanning Gelee

Awhile back I posted about my displeasure with Aveeno Continuous Radience Self Tanner and my preference for Neutrogena Build a Tan. I mentioned there that I was going to try a L’Oreal self tanner and I have since tried both a spray and gel from L’Oreal and I really liked both of them. I also tried their corrector for mistakes, which I thought was OK.

L’Oreal Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Gelee is a gel based self tanning lotion. L’Oreal Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Lotion is a very similar product, which although labled as a lotion, I found to be more gel like in consistency. Both products come in tinted and untinted varieties, and I tried the tinted versions in medium. The tint was light and had a very natural tone to it. To my surprise, the lotion also had a sparkly shimmer in it, which of course was not so natural looking, but was quite subtle, and I happened to like it quite a bit. I also liked using a tinted product because it allowed me to see where I might be missing a spot and helped assure that I rubbed things in evenly. In addition, I thought the gelee in particular spread more evenly than a lotion normally does. The tints and shimmers washed off with my shower the next morning after use and I was left with a very nice light-medium fake tan. There were no problems with streaking and the overall color continued to look good for several days. I was very happy with these products and highly recommend either of them.

200 8 LOreal Sublime Bronze Self Tanner Review I was also quite pleased with L’Oreal Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Mist. The mist, which works from any angle, goes on easily and is the best streak free self tan I have ever had. The first time I used it, I did mess up and put too much on my feet. I then compounded the problem by failing to wipe off the excess. That created a few minor streaks which were entirely my fault. The important part of that story though is that I am shocked that for how much I messed things up there, the streaks were extremely mild. With just about any other product they would have been horrid. So that itself says something for this product. On the rest of me, the tone was beautiful, even, and natural looking, with fairly long lasting results. When I used the product a second time, properly protecting my feet and only lightly applying there, everything was perfect.

I think that a spray really is the way to go for the most even fake tan and I really love the L’Oreal one. My one complaint about the L’Oreal spray though is that it is rather oily. Be careful about spraying it so that it hits vinyl or tile flooring. It makes the floor really, really slick! It also claims to dry in five minutes, but it is easy to spray a bit too thick, and even with a thin mist, it leaves behind a baby oil feeling on the skin for hours after. It wasn’t bad enough to make me worried about putting on clothes and such, nor did it or will it deter me from using the product repeatedly. But to the extent the label leads people to believe there will be absolutely no residue after five minutes, it is misleading.

After messing things up with my feet, I was glad that I also bought the L’Oreal Sublime Bronze Self Tanning Perfector and Corrector. The corrector comes packaged in individual use packets and is a scrub like lotion. I used it on the streaks I created on my feet with pretty good success. I got to those early though and they were pretty mild. As soon as I saw that things were getting dark there, I scrubbed and it generally worked. But when I tried this product on another occasion on a spot that had been allowed to develop for a day, it really didn’t do a whole lot. So I think this product is useful if you can get to the problem early. But if you wait, then I’m not sure that it is any better than using an everyday scrub on the area to help it wear off quicker.

Update: I used both the gelee and lotion, and finding them quite similar in use and effectiveness, meant to review just the shimmery one in order to conserve space. But I realized last night that I had accidentally attributed the shimmer to the Gelee, when it is the lotion that has the really noticeable shimmer. I have updated the review now to include both the Gelee and the Lotion. The corrector appears to have been discontinued.


 LOreal Sublime Bronze Self Tanner Review

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pixel LOreal Sublime Bronze Self Tanner Review


  1. Oh, i’m tempted to try the spray on now. Does it have any wierd oder? My pet peeve lately from tannin products..

  2. Carleenp says:

    I didn’t remember an odor right off, but to be sure I just sprayed a bit on a paper towel and sniffed. It does have some odor, but it isn’t as strong as some of the lotions I have tried. I thought it generally smelled like Coppertone (but not quite as strong).

  3. Christine says:

    I think I’ll have to try the gel now after your review, it does sound great! The sprays intimidate me too much (plus, I have carpet in my bathroom). I use the L’Oreal Pre-Sunless Scrub from this line nearly everyday. It has a great light smell, is non-oily and works great!

  4. Carleenp says:

    I definitely wouldn’t want the spray on bathroom carpet! And when I spray the stuff I do seem to get it all over the place (perhaps I should do it in the shower before I get out?) Anyway, also note that I accidentally attributed the shimmer to the gelee, when the lotion was the one that had that. Otherwise the products are just about identical with the gel being more gel like than the already gel like lotion (if that makes any sense!) I updated the review to reflect that.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Has anybody tried the tanning towelettes? I generally have good luck with them. The only place it gets a little wierd sometimes is on my feet.

  6. Hey, i waas surfing the web and i saw your blohg, pretty cool. May i link u from mysite?

  7. Has anyone tried Bikini Kitchen’s Booty Butter? I love how even and rich my tan looks. It gives me that perfect brown color in about an hour. Also, it doesn’t have that weird tanning lotion smell. It smells yummy.

  8. Where can I buy Bikini Kitchen’s Booty Butter?

  9. I have recently tried she loreal spray and it has a really nice color and doesn’t smell very much at all and dries way faster than most lotions. I did have a problem though with streaking. I’m talking pretty bad streaks. I think it was my fault though. You have to go extremely slow and even but it is really hard to tell where you are hitting on your body.

  10. barbielanell says:

    The Lorreal Gelee is the best thing I’ve ever used. I don’t usually make too many mistakes as it is user friendly and I’ve been doing self tanners for years. However, sometime I need a quick fix for my feet or elbows. Is there a product that will immediately “erase” small areas? A lady at WalMart said she’s seen a product, but they didn’t carry it. She said to check a beauty supply store. The one I tried didn’t have any idea.

  11. Carleenp says:

    Barbielanell: The L’Oreal corrector mentioned a bit lower in the post worked pretty well for me if used early. Any good scrub can help too if used early.

    A good way to avoid issues too is to put a bit of regular lotion on your elbows and knees first to dilute the self tanner in those areas. I do that–plus I put it on my toes because those always seem to suck up the self tanner!

  12. The self-tanning spray has by far given me the best results. It’s so easy to use – it’s like a super-fine mist hair spray. I love that it works from any angle too so getting your back and arms is never a problem. VERY natural color – I always get so many compliments when I use this product.
    If you make a mistake, like maybe put too much on your feet, try using a bit of acetone nail polish remover on a cloth or a cotton ball and lightly swipe over the area. To further blend/even out your tan after doing this, mix a small amount of self-tanner lotion with your regular lotion and rub into the area you wish to correct. Works for me every time!
    Happy tanning!! : )

  13. The Sublime Instant Bronzer is crap! I look like one of those girls we all feel sorry for. It looks like a bad spray tan! And I couldn’t have been more exfoliated or rubbed it in any better. My hands are stained and I did wash them immediatley. It’s awful and pretty darn permanent!

  14. I really like the Loreal self tanning products. I’m 39 years old and wanting to stay out of the sun but having a healthy glow is what I’m looking for. I have the Loreal Sublime Bronze lotion and it does give you a shimmer of gold sparkles on your skin, which arent too prominent, but I really like the effect. It has a hint of color so you can see where your putting it which is super nice. I didnt streak from it and I thought the smell was definately more pleasant tham others I have tried.

  15. I tried the Loreal Sublime Bronze spray, but it goes on clear, so you cant really see where you put it or where you’ve missed. Thats one of my peeves with sunless tanner because in an hour or two you could look like a patchy mess. I think I’m going to stick with the Loreal Sublime Bronze lotion though. I like the instant color and the gold shimmer it has.

  16. I’ve just started using the L’Oreal Sublime towelettes and like them a lot! I wear gloves while applying so I don’t have to worry about it getting on my hands. There was less odor than other products I have used. I waited about 15 minutes and was sitting down crossing my legs and the next day, the backs of my legs where they touched when crossed had rubbed off the color, so be sure to let it dry really good, probably at least a half hour. Overall the color is very natural looking on me, I am extremely pale. I also read another post that says applying in a circular motion is best to avoid streaking.

  17. Question: I purchased Aveeno continuous radiance in a tube.quite some time ago. I have forever tried to find it. Any one can help to tell me where it is found, that would be great.

  18. If I see it, I’ll let you know. I hope it hasn’t been discontinued!

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