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Sunscreen Week at Beauty and Fashion Tech

400 fotolia 2166804 s 2 Sunscreen Week at Beauty and Fashion TechThis week is sunscreen week at Beauty and Fashion Tech!

I have posted in the past about The importance of safe sun. Sunscreen was also my number one product in the list of top five kinds of skin care products for every skin type.

Not too long ago, I also took a look at the New Sunscreen Database from the Environmental Working Group. There, I questioned whether the top sunscreens on the list would also be pleasing to women cosmetically. Certainly the more comfortable and attractive a sunscreen is to wear, the more likely it is that women will do so. With that in mind, I wrote to a number of the companies that had products in the database, and some who did not. Several comapnies were gracious enough to send items for me to samples and I am happy to say that they all were good products to wear, with some better for some skin types than others. So I think I found something for everyone. I will be posting about those sunscreens this week.

Also note that I have previously reviewed the following sunscreens:

Do you have a favorite sunblock or self tanner? Leave a comment and tell us about it!

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  1. If you haven’t tried Arbonne’s Damage Control SPF 30, then NOW is the time. It is non greasy, sport proof, and water resistant. It’s broad spectrum formula protects from both UVA and UVB rays. I’m an avid cyclist and runner and I use it everyday.

  2. Thanks for the great review of the MenScience Ti02 Sunblock SPF 30!

  3. I too have read The Environmental Working Group’s website, and it certainly did raise some questions. After that I only self tan with Safetan, which not only is very natural, but easy to use and does not have any smell at all. Love it.

  4. thank you for such an useful review. after reading this article i am going to try New Sunscreen Database

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