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Ten Years Thinner Book and Diet Review: Week Three of the Diet and Fitness Plan

Ten Years Thinner Book ReviewI am now through week three of the Ten Years Thinner diet and exercise plan, by Dr. Christine Lydon, M.D. With the start of week four, I finally get some dairy!

This was a week of cheating for me, so it is no surprise that the numbers are much less impressive than the first two weeks:

Weight lost in week three: 1 pound (maybe 0, the scale kept switching between the numbers so I am giving myself the benefit of the doubt)

Total weight lost through three weeks: 10 pounds

Inches off in week three: Thigh 1/4, Hips 0, Stomach 1/2, Arm 0, Chest 1/2.
Total inches off: Thigh 1 1/4, Hips 1, Stomach 1 3/4, Arm 1/2, Chest 4.

As I said, it was a week of cheating. I had company staying with me to attend a mutual friend’s retirement party, which was dubbed “beer night.” I think you can see where this is going…. I basically skipped the exercise plan the whole weekend, plus skipped yesterday for no good reason. I spent two entire days where I stuck to the items allowed in the food plan, but went way over portion size, and I had wine (several glasses) one night and beer (several glasses) the next. I also had two other meals during the week that met the plan, but again were likely over the proportion size.

The result of all the cheating is pretty apparent. I lost little, if anything. I was pleased, however, to still see another 1/2 inch come off of my waist, which is definitely my trouble area. I put a belt on my jeans just yesterday! I am definitely going to be back to good behavior for the next several weeks.

With legumes added to the diet, I made my favorite white chicken chili and had some green beans with lunch one day. I also found that it is possible to eat out at Chili’s and generally be compliant once you hit week three. They have a low calorie menu with grilled salmon, black beans, and veggies that meets the plan, as long as you ask that they leave the Parmesan cheese off of the vegetables. They also have chicken and shrimp fajitas that can be mixed on a plate with some guacamole, pico de gallo, and black beans (order that as a side), which is fairly compliant if you are careful about not putting too many of the buttery oil soaked onions and peppers in with it. I suspect those don’t come close to any of the cooking guidelines! Tip: paper napkins blot off extra oil quite well.

So, it is on to week four, when I finally get dairy. I am looking forward to switching to cottage cheese instead of eggs for a couple of breakfasts!

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