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Fashion Friday Contest! Win a Twisted Silver Romance Bracelet for Valentine’s Day!

mbr16 thumb Fashion Friday Contest! Win a Twisted Silver Romance Bracelet for Valentine’s Day!

This contest is now closed. Congrats to Rachael, who won the drawing. I have sent you an email to get your shipping address!

Twisted Silver is a great affordable jewelry company with a lot of great designs. Now US readers can win a Twisted Silver Romance Bracelet, a $40 value, in time for Valentine’s Day. Sweet and chic, this clasp-on brass bangle with a jingly cluster of heart charms captures the romance of Valentine’s Day, and an opportunity to wear your heart on your sleeve.

To enter, visit www.twisted-silver.com and browse the site with this question in mind: “What Twisted design will you email to your Man as a not-so-subtle Valentine’s Day hint?” Then come back here and post a comment about it before noon central time on Monday February 2, 2009.

I will randomly draw a winner from those who answered the question and notify the winner via email. I will provide the winner’s shipping information to Twisted Silver, who will ship the prize. Failure to respond to email within 3 days will result in the prize being redrawn. One entry per household, duplicates will be deleted or disqualified. Open to US residents only.

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pixel Fashion Friday Contest! Win a Twisted Silver Romance Bracelet for Valentine’s Day!


  1. Marilyn Wons says:

    I love the Hope Necklace. I will e-mail or maybe just tell my husband about it!

  2. The Athena bracelet!!!!!

  3. susan varney says:

    i love the hope necklace

  4. wendy wallach says:

    Penny Candy Bling belt is the item I would drop a hint for.

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  5. the Patchwork Convertible with Charm …….. I love it!

  6. I have been hinting at the chic necklace for about a year now…

  7. adrienne Gordon says:

    The Fusion Necklace

  8. hope bracelet, I’ve been eyeing that one for a while

  9. I’d email him the Love bracelet.


  11. MRS.MOMMYY says:

    the hope necklace is one of my favorites

  12. OMG I totally love the Boing ring! I already sent my boyfriend the link ;)

  13. I’d email him the Attitude Bracelet.

  14. I like the Bubbles Bracelet. Thanks!

  15. I like the “Attitude” necklace.

  16. I will email a pic of the Glacier Necklace….think he will take the hint? Thank you. :-)

  17. The Athena bracelet.

  18. The Guilt Necklace.

  19. susan lee wiener says:

    My fav. is the hope necklace. Just great! Many thx.

  20. Becky Tice says:

    I just love the hardware necklace. I think it would go great with my black turtleneck and jeans! Don’t worry, the turtleneck is long sleeve so the bracelet will really show up! I keep window shopping for twisted silver and told my hubby that he should too!

  21. Gina Stratos says:

    Gypsy Necklace!

  22. I would be most likely to email my husband about the Beatnik Necklace. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  23. jill edwards says:

    The key necklace is beautiful.. I’ll definately email that one!!!


  24. Linda Lansford says:

    “Attitude” necklace for me

  25. Gypsy Necklace, print a the link and just accidentally leave it on his desk for him to find

  26. kathleen haas says:

    like the attitude necklace

  27. I like the attitude necklace :)

  28. Patti Sherman says:

    I would email the tangle bracelet!

  29. I like the Stage necklace.

  30. I like the Dragon Celebration necklace.

  31. This bracelet is so cute! I will email my boyfriend with the Athena bracelet – it is just absolutely gorgeous.

  32. kelly Hedberg says:

    I think i will email the Tassel
    neckless to my husband. This neckless will go with a lot of my outfits.thanks

  33. Carla Spence says:

    I’ll have to send him some *hints* about the Diva necklace.

  34. Elizabeth J says:

    I like the Pulse Convertible Necklace/Bracelet

  35. MARILOUISE says:

    I have already been emailing and talking about the candy wrapper necklace since I first saw it. You would think that by now someone would get the hint.

  36. I am a huge fan of the hope necklace!

  37. Jennifer K says:

    The Hepburn Earrings! They remind me of some old favorites I can’t find anymore.
    But the Love and Chime Charms are pretty neat too.

  38. Julia Magrath says:

    I would email my husband the 7 bracelet

  39. Suzanne Denys says:

    I like the Love and Chime Charms.

  40. I like the Diva necklace

  41. I love the pulse convertible necklace/bracelet!

  42. I’d want the horsebit bracelet!

  43. I have been looking at those starfish earrings for a while now so I would definitely send that to him:)

  44. The gypsy necklace is gorgeous! I think I’ll “accidentally” leave a picture and link up on the computer!

  45. Kathy Scott says:

    I have been eyeing the hope necklace.

  46. I would e-mail my husband the Love Bracelet to give him a hint! I also really like the Romance bracelet and the Athena Bracelet.

    Great Contest!

  47. the Patchwork Convertible with Charm, i’ve been eyeing it for awhile now!

  48. I think the twinkle charm is very pretty. It is simple and elegant.

  49. The flower dome ring!

  50. Why the Charming Bracelet because he is my Prince Charming, of course! Thanks…..Cindi

  51. juicer girl says:

    Beatnik Bracelet in Silver

  52. I think the Attitude Necklace would make a good hint for my DH.

  53. I’m really wishing for that Clink Bracelet

  54. Terra Heck says:

    I’ll be letting my husband know that I’d like the Tattoo Ring.

  55. Deborah Wellenstein says:

    I love those Align earrings. Hey, honey? Did you hear that! Thanks!

  56. I already showed my husband the flower earrings.

  57. I would email the Firefly necklace to my boyfriend…and maybe leave the browser open so that he would see it too! :)

  58. I like the Tangle Bangle.

  59. Jessica M says:

    I like the Fusion Necklace. Hopefully my hubby can take a hint lol!

  60. I love TwisTeD Silver’s jewelry. Because I’m a hopeless romantic, the Hope necklace.

    Thanks for the opp!

  61. a win of this would make big points with my niece

  62. I like the funky silver bracelet.

  63. firefly necklace

  64. The Uptown Bracelet!

  65. I like the earrings called “Funky Silver.”

  66. I like the Chic necklace

  67. There are so many to choose from if I have to pick just 1 I wold have to say Sweet Necklace.

  68. the attitude necklace!

  69. Karen Gonyea says:

    Love the uptown bracelet :)

  70. I think it would be the infinity necklace.

  71. joanna smith says:

    Twisted Silver jewelry is so ultra stylish and very cool! There are so many innovative unique jewelry items to choose from! I would love to receive the Medallion Necklace from my amazing husband for Valentines Day! I think it is gorgeous in design, truly an eye catching piece of jewelry and I love that you could easily wrapped it around your wrist about 4 times and also create a stunning bracelet with it too! However, I already have about 4 outfits picked out that it would go perfectly with! The necklace has the word “medal” as part of its name, and I think I deserve a medal on Valentines Day, as we all do! Thank you for the opportunity to enter.

  72. Christine Viscomi says:

    hope necklace

  73. Vicky Boackle says:

    i like the attitude necklace.

  74. The hope necklace. ;)

  75. I’d hint about the Athena bracelet!

  76. The FUNKY earrings!

  77. Sherry B. says:

    The Infinity necklace because our love is eternal.

  78. Sylvia Belle says:

    Heart necklace with charms of assorted metals

  79. Chain Maille Bracelet

  80. Jaime Chambers says:

    If I had to email my fiance one thing I would LOVE off the website (which I just did) it would be the hip hoops silver! These are so awesome!!!!!!!!

  81. Ken Robinson says:

    My sister loves the Attitude Necklace. Please accept my entry. Thank you.

  82. Christine says:

    I have been in love with, and giving my husband hints about, the Beatnik bracelet for the longest time now. I truly love the Romance bracelet too and would love to win it! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

  83. Kathleen Debernardi says:

    I would love this

  84. michelle maddock says:

    I’d email my man the love bracelet and he better buy it thanks .

  85. Monique Rizzo says:

    The Attitude necklace is great! I love it.


  86. Colleen N. says:

    The Bon Bon Necklace – I’d love that more than real bon bons!

  87. Heather McCormick says:

    the hope necklace

  88. I’d hint to him that I’d like the Hardware necklace from Twisted Silver. He would probably think you get it at a hardware store.

  89. Theresa DeRosa says:

    I love the Track braclet, it is beautiful

  90. bubbles bracelet!

  91. I totally stumbled upon this site and whether MY HE has the good sense to buy it for me or not, when I more than hint..I am totally saving my pennies for this:

    Tangle Bangle

    A tangle of fifteen bangles — and two more to spare! — accented with three tiny antiqued Twisted tags. Instant chic!

  92. definitely the sugar bling ring!

  93. I would really love to have the bracelet Flower.

  94. Vicki Wurgler says:

    I love the Alabaster Necklace

  95. I would let him know about the Tag Necklace.

  96. Maybe this: Chic Necklace – but he already let slip that he’s getting me a Zune player and subscription…which will be great for me and my little one. This site though makes me want to give him a hint for my upcoming birthday.

  97. David Clark says:

    My favorite is the hope necklace. Thanks for the contest.


  98. Lance Pearson says:

    I would go with the Athena Bracelet

  99. Annie Wilson says:

    I really like the Athena bracelet…thanks for having this giveaway!

  100. Lynda Ball says:

    I have already hinted for the tangle bracelet. I sent him the link to twisted silver last week. I am addicted to their pieces!

  101. My mister will be getting many hints for the Trinket necklace!

  102. My favorite is the Glacier Necklace.

  103. The track bracelet is cute

  104. the hope bracelet, i really like that one alot

  105. The Edge bracelet!

  106. Hope bracelet. Please consider me for this giveaway.

  107. Charlotte Robbins says:

    Pulse Convertible Necklace/Bracelet is the piece that caught my eye but i like the contest one the most lol

  108. Bonnie Day says:

    The Love Charm to remind him how much I still love him after 25 years of marrage

  109. Erin Daly says:

    I would love if my husband bought me the tangle bangle.

  110. I would email my baby the Wee Charm.
    And he probably still wouldn’t take the hint…:]

  111. I have left a note on my husband’s computer about the Attitude Necklace.

  112. The Diva earrings are what I would want for Valentines Day

  113. My husband would be my hero if her bought be a Tangle Bangle. Yes indeed.

  114. Mark Winger says:

    i got the hint- the hope necklace

  115. Sherri Siler says:

    I love the Medallion Necklace.

  116. Susan Ledet says:

    There isn’t a special man in my life right now so none to email a hint to. However, I love their great looking Coil Ring.
    Thanks for the nice giveaway.

  117. I love the Flower Dome Ring.

  118. Leigh Nichols says:

    oooo- the Fusion necklace :)

  119. Penny Candy Bling belt.

  120. jennifer gersch says:

    The Fusion Necklace

  121. Charlene Kuser says:

    The Chic Necklace Is what I would choose

  122. joni chadwell says:

    The hope necklace is really nice.

  123. Lily Kwan says:

    I would drop a hint that I love the Dragon Celebration necklace!

  124. Veronica Garrett says:

    I would email the Rocker Necklace Gold.

  125. I would email the Hope Necklace. Love it!

  126. definitely the diva necklace, so pretty!

  127. Glacier Necklace is my favorite

  128. kathy pease says:

    i would email him that i would love to have that hardware necklace around my neck :)~~

  129. I like the flower dome rings. Thank you

  130. I would love for him to get the flower bracelet..


  131. the Sparkle charm

  132. Bubbles Bracelet in Silver, PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE, hint, hint.

  133. I have been hinting for the chic necklace for six months! Thanks!

  134. Catherine KingChuparkoff says:

    The hope bracelet or necklace would be great gifts.

  135. Jennifer M says:

    the Trinket Necklace

  136. The Glacier Earrings.

  137. he’ll be hearing all about the Hope Necklace

  138. Jennifer Hedden says:

    The Attitude necklace

  139. I would love the Chic Necklace, I am looking for an everyday necklace.

  140. I would send him a hint about the Diva necklace, whose design is very original, unusual, and pleasing!

  141. The Attitude necklace would be great with an outfit that I want to wear on a date Friday night.

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