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MAC Chenman Swatches

Chen Man is a Chinese fashion photography star with a series of of covers for Vision, the first avant-garde fashion magazine in China. She has now collaborated with MAC cosmetics for a new collection that features a range of pinks and blues for a striking look.  Here are some photos and swatches from the MAC Chenman Collection

ChenmanBeauty72 thumb MAC Chenman Swatches

MAC Chenman Swatches

Below from left to right are Chenman swatches of the Reflects Blue Glitter, which is hard to see in the photo, and wasn’t all that impressive to me, followed by Naval Blue Pigment, which is a lovely dark blue, Love Cycle Mineralize Eye Shadow, which is one of the better blues I have seen from MAC in awhile, and Supersweet, a pink and bronze Mineralize Eye Shadow. Love Cycle is a keeper for me!

MACChenManSwatches thumb MAC Chenman Swatches

Next are swatches of Force of Love lipstick, which is a bright salmon pink matte lipstick, and Budding Love, a pale lavender lipglass.

MACChenManLipSwatches thumb MAC Chenman Swatches

The Force of Love Lipstick is an interesting shade. It is rather bright, but not obnoxiously so. Here it is on my lips:

ChenManLipstickSwatch thumb MAC Chenman Swatches

Finally here is a swatch of the Mac Chenman beauty powder in Play it Proper. It is a lovely and pretty well pigmented pastel pink with good illumination.

MACChenmanBeautyPowderSwatch thumb MAC Chenman Swatches

Here is a photo of the full Chenman collection.


ChenmanLineUp72 thumb MAC Chenman Swatches

The MAC Chenman collection is limited edition and is available now through early April.


Disclosure: This review is based on products provided to me by MAC Cosmetics. For more information on our disclosures please read our disclosure page.

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