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Tria Beauty Laser Hair Removal Update

New! See our new At Home Laser Hair Removal Buyer’s Guide, covering four permanent hair removal systems plus other products for those who cannot use the laser, including the popular Verseo eglide.

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I have been trying the TRIA Beauty home laser hair removal device for several months now and a reader asked me for an update.

I have done 4 overall home laser hair removal treatments with the Tria and am seeing some effect. Basically, I still have hair, but it seems a bit thinner and slower to come back in. Certainly nothing dramatic, but it is noticeable. Since laser hair removal can take up to a year of monthly treatments, and I have been a bit lax on mine, doing them every 8 weeks or so instead of monthly, this seems like decent enough progress. I asked a friend who has done salon treatments and she felt it was comparable to her experience. Using the Tria is easy, painless, and really not even all that time consuming now that I am used it. I can do a leg in 20 minutes or less. Now I just have to remind myself to do them monthly!

The Tria is expensive, but cheaper than doing salon laser hair removal.  They also always seem to be running specials. As of this writing, they have a $200 off special, plus they have an easy pay program payment program. Also, check out the Tria Beauty site for a chance to win a great spa package (see below)!

Tria Beauty Laser Hair Removal

You can read more about my experiences with the Tria Beauty Laser Hair Removal System in my Tria Beauty Video Review, and my Introduction to Tria Beauty Laser Hair Removal.

Note: My review of the Tria Beauty is based on a product that was given to me by the company.

aka: Trai Beauty Home Laser Hair Removal

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