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Verseo eGlide: Innovative Permanent Hair Removal for Only $89

Verseo health and beauty has a really nice Black Friday offer, and it is the best coupon code that I have personally ever seen from them. Verseo.com Cyber Monday – 40% OFF all orders over. Coupon Code: Cyber14 Biggest deal of the year!

Note to Australian and International visitors: The eglide can also now be ordered through Verseo.

The new Verseo hair removal product, the Verseo eGlide, also sold at Hammacher Schlemmer as the The Home Electrolysis Roller, leads the way in affordable permanent hair removal at home. Before the eGlide release, the best options for home permanent hair removal systems were the home laser hair removal products from Tria Beauty and Silk n’ Sens. Both are nice products, are safe, effective, and easy to use, and the Tria has personally worked very well for our testers, but both are a bit pricey.  The home laser systems also cannot be used on dark skin. If you want to learn more about them take a look at our buyers guide, which also includes the eGlide: Home Laser Hair Removal.

The eGlide is  a really nice alternative product.

Verseo eGlide  Permanent hiar Remover

The eGlide is a good alternate choice to the more expensive products and is safe for all skin tones. Priced at only $89, and coming with a full money back guarantee, the eGlide is not a laser system. Instead it is an easy to use, compact, home electrolysis roller, that is used with a conductive gel to deliver a painless galvanic current into the hair follicle to deaden it. Over time and with multiple uses, this will retard hair growth and permanently remove hair after a number of treatments. It is important to note that all such systems, including all laser systems, normally take a number of months before results are seen.  Verseo reports that some users start seeing results in as few as three weeks and promises noticeable results in 90 days.  Developed over a period of several years, the Verseo eGlide has no pain or other issues normally seen with electrolysis needles. It also can be used for permanent face hair removal, while lasers are not appropriate for facial hair removal. It is about the size of an electric razor and is just as quick and easy to use.

Verseo offers an unconditional money back guarantee on all their products so, at only $89, giving the Verseo hair removal system a try seems like a great idea if you are looking for affordable permanent home hair removal. You can also buy it at Hammacher Schlemmer, but it is cheaper at Verseo. Also of interest to those looking to remove just a few facial hairs might be the Verseo ePen, which is another popular Verseo hair removal product.

Review Note and Update: Since publishing this article, I have tested and written a full eGlide review. The short version is that, over 14 weeks of testing, I found that it lessened peach fuzz facial hair by about 60% and it permanently removed one hair that grows out of a scar on my chin. But it also had no effect on another such hair. It lessened two more hairs. I think that, over more time, it will be fully effective. Thus, I do like it for facial hair removal. For legs, I think it would work just fine, but would be quite time consuming. I prefer my more expensive Tria Laser for that, or the similar Silk n Sens Epil.  Also, Verseo has a brand new product, the Verseo ePad, which is also quite affordable, uses the same technology as the eGlide, and is developed to be more efficient for use on larger areas. I haven’t tested it, but think it would be a good product for use on legs. It would cost more over time because it requires replacement pads, but it would still be much cheaper than laser hair removal. For the full eGlide report, plus a bit more about the ePad, see  my full eGlide Review.

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