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Top Ten Beauty Gadgets For Gifts

Holidays are a great time to give beauty gadgets and higher end tech items as gifts. Technological advances in beauty have been huge the past few years, resulting in many interesting and unique items that many women would love to have, but might forgo buying for themselves because the items seem like a splurge. Thus, beauty gadgets make perfect gifts-they are interesting, unique, fun and make you, as the gift giver, stand out from the crowd.


best beauty gadgets

Here are our top beauty gadgets for gifts this holiday season. Or, if you simply want to know our opinion on the best beauty gadgets to consider buying this list is for you!

(1) Tria Laser: Home laser hair removal costs a small fortune at the salon, but is now very affordable at home. For women who are best suited for it (people with lighter skin and darker hair) it also is highly effective. I know so many women who want a Tria that you really can’t go wrong with this one. One important caution. Laser hair removal cannot be performed on medium or darker skin tones. If your recipient has medium or dark skin, look to the eGlide further down on this list instead. Want to know more? Read our full guide: Home Laser Hair Removal.

(2) Ott Lite Makeup Mirror: This is the best makeup mirror a woman can have. The lighted mirror provides the perfect type of light for makeup application and is highly adjustable. The OttLite also has an attractive and unique appearance, making it much preferable over other lighted mirrors on the market. Trust me, any woman would love this mirror! Learn more here: Ott Lite Makeup Mirror Review.

(3) Clarisonic: Sonic skin cleansing does wonders for the complexion and is great for overall exfoliation. The Clarisonic is the most popular tool of choice in sonic cleansing and is adored by women who own one. Looking to save money? The Skinsonic is a more affordable similar product for those on a budget. Want to learn more? Read our guide: Home Microdermabrasion.

(4) Baby Quasar: Baby Quasar is the leader in LED skin therapy devices. For women with oily skin or acne, a blue light device can be an incredible skin saving gift. For the spa loving woman with anti-aging concerns a red light will be a welcome item. To learn more, see our previous article on Home Light Therapy.

(5) Whitening Lightening Tooth Lightening Pen: This unique new tooth whitening product is a compact, easy to use pen that whitens teeth without the mess of using strips or trays and without causing sensitivity. It also freshens breath. Just paint on the lightener and go! Definitely a neat and interesting gift.

(6) Lasertron Hair Growth System: Laser combs and brushes are some of the most interesting new developments in hair growth, especially for thickening hair. This system offers a brush over a comb, which makes it particularly nice for women, but men will love this one too.

(7) Verseo eGlide: The eGlide offers permanent hair removal without the use of lasers, making it perfect for those who cannot use a laser because they have darker skin. Unlike a laser, the eGlide can also be used on facial hair. However, for those with lighter skin and for use on the legs, we prefer the Tria Laser, number one in our list. For more on the eGlide, see our Verseo eGlide review.

(8) Personal Microderm: The personal microderm provides home microdermabrasion at a fraction of the cost of similar spa services. the device is easy to use and leave skin feeling soft and looking fresh. Perfect for women who love to their own home facials. Want to learn more? See our at home microdermabrasion guide linked above.

(9) Glo Brilliant Tooth Whitening System: The Glo tooth whitening device lightens teeth without messy gels and promises to do so without sensitivity. To learn more, read our Glo Brilliant Tooth Whitening Review.

(10) Pressure Leg Massager: This compression leg massager feels incredible and provides a great way to improve circulation and get a relaxing leg massage at home. Buy two for the most comfort and spa-like experience! Conveniently, they often are offered at half price for that purpose.

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