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Glo Brilliant Teeth Whitening Device Review

Do you want whiter teeth but hate the sensitivity that many teeth whitening systems can cause? The GLO Brilliant system just might be the answer. It does, however, carry a higher price tag over drugstore options. But it is generally cheaper than in- office procedures.

A few years ago, Sephora unveiled the  GLO Brilliant Teeth Whitening Device, which promises fast and dramatic whitening with no sensitivity issues. The GLO tooth whitener retails at $275, and reviews are quite good. Surprisingly good actually. So good, in fact,  that it got my attention and caused me to do further research into whether it really is worth the money.  I have decided that it probably is.

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How The GLO Brilliant Works

The GLO Brilliant whitening system uses a combination of tooth whitening gels and blue light to accelerate the teeth whitening process. The combination of the light with heating of the gel can achieve up to eight changes of tooth shade in an average of five days, and the company advertises that there is no sensitivity with the process—something that is often a problem with the use of drugstore white strips and in office dental tooth whitening procedures.  The user has control over how much the device is used in order to achieve the level of whiteness that is desired.

The whitening device is easy to use, with a hands-free mouth piece. The gel stays in contact with the teeth and does not seep out onto the gums or soft tissue. The gel that is used contains 6% Hydrogen Peroxide and does not contain alcohol, which is the leading cause of tooth sensitivity associated with whitening. The company recommends that the gels be kept in the refrigerator.

Each kit contains the GLO device, a 10 pack of gel vials (each vial is good for 4 applications), all plug in and charging accessories, a travel bag, and lip care product. Gel refill vials are also available in packs of 10 for $45.

GLO Brilliant Consumer Reviews

The product is very new, but initial consumer reviews are very good. Users report that the device is effective and easy to use. In particular, users report that the product maintains whiteness much longer than other teeth whitening systems and that results are noticeable quite quickly. The device does take a bit longer to use than drugstore white strips (approximately 30 minutes), but so far consumers have reported that the extra time was worth it to them. One user has reported some sensitivity while using the device, but had none after.


Based on the very good initial consumer reviews and reports that the device really does not cause lasting tooth sensitivity the way that other teeth whitening systems can, I believe that, for many people, the GLO Brilliant is worth the money, and I recommend the product. The promised results are similar to that of in-office dental procedures, but at a lower cost and without the sensitivity.  However, for those who are satisfied with results from white strips and similar products and who wish to save money, sticking with the cheaper items is fine as long as tooth sensitivity does not become a problem.

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