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The Secret Hair Care Weapon That Is Lurking in Your Kitchen

With everyone exploring ways to save money these days and pad their wallets, many are turning to do-it-yourself (DIY) secrets to help avoid paying high priced professionals. Considered a luxury expense, hair care can fall into this category, as paying for both name brand products and salon prices can quickly deplete your funds. So, do you know what hair care secret weapon is hiding in your kitchen? The answer is Vinegar!

White Vinegar

Although many people have become aware of the useful advantages of the common household staple, vinegar, many don’t realize the wonderful benefits of using this very inexpensive product in their hair care regimens. While white vinegar can do wonders itself, apple cider vinegar is often favored for hair care because of the enzymes and minerals it contains.

Note: Those with color treated or chemically treated hair should do any of the below items with caution. Vinegar can strip color.

Eliminate Dandruff

The number one reason people use vinegar on their hair is to eliminate dandruff. Using a rinse, made up of one half cup of vinegar and two cups of warm water, can help you achieve this. Apply the rinse to your hair immediately after shampooing and allow it to sit for up to half an hour. It is ideal to do this at least once a week to obtain optimal scalp health.

Remove Product Buildup

There is no need to pay for an expensive clarifying shampoo. Vinegar is also used to remove product build up, which allows your hair to regain its natural shine and luster. There are some users who claim it can even help eliminate tangles, which can add unneeded stress to the hair. Using a rinse one to three times a week, made up of one cup of vinegar and two cups of warm water, is highly recommended for those who regularly use product on their hair on a daily basis. You may find it easier to apply the vinegar rinse with a spray bottle, rather than pouring it on, because of its thin consistency.

Clean Your Hairbrush

Because your hairbrush can also collect so much product build up, as well as dirt and dust, then transfer it back into your hair, it is pertinent that you always use a clean hairbrush. To keep your existing hairbrush clean, make it a point to regularly soak it overnight in a rinse made up of half vinegar and half water. This will also eliminate the cost of constantly having to replace your brushes.

Add Highlights

In addition to helping obtain healthy hair, vinegar can even help you achieve a new look, such as highlights. By simply adding about five tablespoons of white vinegar to your shampoo bottle you can create blonde highlights or give a boost to already existing ones. Just shampoo your hair as usual but leave the homemade solution in for at least ten minutes. Adjust the time if you are looking for bolder results. Sitting in sunlight or using a hair dryer will also help with lightening. For more auburn tones, use cider vinegar or try red wine vinegar for reddish tones.

To get the best results, remember to also condition your hair regularly. Using conditioner on your hair before applying a vinegar rinse will prevent any minimal drying effect that it may have on the hair.

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