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Makeup Wars, Travel Makeup

This week’s Makeup Wars is pretty relevant to me since I am traveling to Texas as I write it. What do I pack for a weekend away? See below! Also, for information on air travel with makeup in your carry on bags, see my previous article: Flying With Makeup in Your Carryon.

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Purely Pro Cosmetics, which I will be reviewing soon, sent me some samples in what turned out to be a great travel bag. So I am using that for this trip.

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The bag folds out to reveal a number of pockets and holders, and it has a hook for hanging.

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For makeup, I almost always travel with this Laura Mercier palette. It is no longer available, but Laura Mercier tends to have something similar out at any given time. I love this one because it has neutral shadows for day or evening looks, eye liner, cheek color, bronzer, and highlighter.

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For the rest of my makeup, I have a Nars tinted moisturizer, Make Up For Ever Duo Mat Powder Foundation, a powder blush, and a variety of lip products. I usually grab one lip crayon one or two lipsticks and a gloss. Here I happen to have a Sonia Kashuk lipstick and gloss combo for that. I also always have a lip balm in there. Then, I add just a couple of brushes (here I have 2 Dara Z eye brushes and a MAC blush brush), a makeup sponge, and an eyelash curler. I have a sample size mascara here that I am trying to use up and a new Maybelline Lash Blast Length mascara that I am testing (and am not a big fan of so far, review coming soon) .

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For makeup removal and skin care, I normally pack samples. On this trip, I remembered that MAC, way back, sent me some of their travel items. You can still get these as far as I know. They are nice basic items for travel, although the set includes Strobe Cream, which breaks me out something terrible, so I left that at home.

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I had done a glitter bomb manicure the day before I left and I knew that it wouldn’t last the whole trip without chipping, so I also packed these Cutex nail polish remover pads. Having once had polish remover leak in my luggage, I love these for travel. That won’t ever happen to me again!

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The box and my other toiletries fit nicely in the middle pocket of the bag.

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And, I am ready to go!

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  1. That bag is amazingly perfect! I can’t believe I see pan on that LM palette, it must be a total loveeee

  2. I can’t believe I missed that LM palette; it’s such a good one! I like your travel bag too . It looks perfect to hold everything.

  3. Love all the pockets and holders! I forgot nail stuff! *sigh*

  4. Insane. I could never pack so light.

  5. Those Cutex pads are so great. I never think to pack polish remover on trips, because I tend to just ignore the chips until I get home.

  6. That makeup bag is totally adorable!!! I always travel with those cutex pads too! :)

  7. I love those MAC minis and that makeup bag!

  8. I should have included the NARS tinted moisturizer in mine. I usually like to wear it if I have to get up at 4am to catch a plane. I love your travel bag!

  9. You travel a lot with your marathons etc so you are an expert. That case is great and fits so much. I’ve taken those Cutex pads too especially if the trip is long. Your Laura Mercier palette is quite loved!

  10. I love a well used palette! You reminded me I have a LM palette from a few years ago similar to that. Great post!

  11. What a darling cosmetic bag!! And oh. I totally forgot about nail polish remover. And NOT traveling without it is never a good thing.

  12. I used to have that palette! Why did I get rid of it?

  13. Oooooh, I want that palette! You’re right, they usually have something similar around, esp at the holidays. Love that!

  14. Thanks for the comments everyone. Yes, that palette is much loved. You can tell what my favorite shade is, LOL!

  15. Wow this is such a wonderful article! Really liked the nail polish remover pads. That is such a great idea. No more worries about bottles leaking or spilling!

  16. Thanks Marisa!

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