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DHC Skincare Review, Part II

In the first installment of my DHC Skincare review, I looked at the Olive Essentials Set. In this installment, I review some of the other DHC skincare products: Rich Moisture, Extra Nighttime Moisture, Concentrated Eye Cream, Eye Bright, Facial Scrub, and Q10 Cream. I will look at Velvet Skin Coat icon in a final installment later this week.

DHC skin Care Review
DHC Mositruizer
  • DHC Rich Moistureicon is a standard moisturizing lotion. It has a nice rich feel and good packaging. liked it fine.  However at this price point, I prefer Estee Lauder Daywear.
  • I liked DHC Extra Nighttime Moistureicon a bit better. This is a rich overnight cream with olive oil and sodium hyaluronate. With its $30 price tag, it moisturized for me just as well or even better than some much more expensive products. I would consider buying this after my current products run out, especially if I was already making a DHC skincare order.
  • DHC Concentrated Eye Creamicon is another one that I like quite a bit. This thick eye cream did a great job moisturizing the under eye area, and my skin there looked and felt wonderful the next morning.  It is a good eye cream for its price point.
  • Eye Brighticonis a light gel with cucumber for cooling, caffeine for depuffing, and licorice for brightening. It felt nice on the skin and absorbed well. I am kind of a sucker for eye gels, and this one really is quite nice, especially for summer!
  • The DHC Q10 Creamicon is a standard anti-aging cream. I personally have not used any given  co-enzyme Q product enough to see areal effect from it, but I know of others who rave about it for its antioxidant and anti-aging properties. Obviously from a sample, it would be hard to say much about this one either. It felt fine, and I liked it as a general moisturizer. If you have had previous success with Q10 or are interested in trying it, the DHC  Q10 Cream could be a good choice.
  • Finally, there is the Facial Scrubicon. This is an apricot scrub that is pretty effective, but not quite as harsh as some other apricot scrubs that I have tried. It was OK for me, and I think fans of apricot scrubs would like it.

Overall, I have been impressed with the DHC skincare products that I have tried. They also have many other products that look interesting. Take a look at the DHC websiteicon for more information.

I also tried DHC skincare Velvet Skin Coat and will cover that later this week in a post comparing it to Smashbox Photofinish.

Update: The DHC Velvet Skin Coat review is here: DHC Velvet Skin Coat

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