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Getting Feet Ready for Summer

Dr. Scholl's Micro File Egg
Dr. Scholl's Micro File

My feet are in pretty bad shape. Skating has been hard on them and I always had issues with calluses anyway. This year I have a bunch of cute new sandals and I am determined to get my feet looking good for summer. I started about two weeks ago with a combination of products and have had great success.I have been using a combination of moisturizers: One is Profoot Care Heel Rescue Superior Moisturizing Foot Cream. I initially got a sample of this cream in the Beauty Buyble Book and Samples and really like it. It does a good job of penetrating the very dry skin and smoothing things out. It also is quite affordable. A related product that I haven’t tried, but am interested in is the Profoot Care Heel Rescue, Intensive Overnight Foot Repair.

Right now, I generally use the Profoot in the morning. At night, I use a lactic acid product to both moisturize and help remove the calluses. My long time favorite for this is Lac-hydrin Five Moisturizing Lotion. Lac-hydrin does an excellent job when it comes to moisturizing. With a good amount of lactic acid, it also helps exfoliate very dry skin pretty well.

After I rub a good amount of Lac-hydrin into my calluses, I have been following it up with a coating of Skin Actives Scientific foot mask. Skin Actives is a great site/company for purchasing individual active ingredients and they have an active forum where information and recipes can be found. I will write more about their products in the future. I have been enjoying the foot mask and find that it adds quite a bit to my callus killing routine. It is a rather thick, and slightly oily moisturizing concoction that I find bumps up the level of softening of my dry skin. Unfortunately, Skin Actives appears to have stopped actively selling their foot mask, although anyone interested can likely find a recipe for it in their forums. A recent email newsletter from them also mentioned that it would remain available as a forum special there.

Once I have my feet pretty well gooped up, I slip on a pair of socks and leave them on until everything absorbs into my skin. Something I would love to get are the Bliss Softening Socks, but I haven’t quite been able to bring myself to splurge on them. So for now plain old socks have to do.

After all that moisture, it becomes time to exfoliate. So, during my morning shower, I have been working on the calluses with a Dr. Scholl’s Callus Reducer. It is quite comfortable to use and works very well. I was actually surprised at how little effort it takes and how quickly it gets rid of the built up dry skin. Another great product is the Dr. Scholl’s for her Micro File.

After only two weeks I have managed to get rid of almost all of my calluses. The few tough remnants are coming along as well. My feet should be good in another week or so. I figure if this process is working for my horrible feet, it will work for anyone!


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