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Review: Blinc Kiss Me Mascara

I had heard of Blinc’s Kiss Me Mascara on multiple occasions, so I was quite happy when I had the chance to try a sample. I tried it 4 times, and while it is interesting, and might work fine for people who like an average size wand and who seek an easy to remove, yet smudge proof mascara, it isn’t for me simply because I prefer a smaller brush. But I’m guessing that the average user would be happy with it, and it seems to work well for people who wear contact lenses.This really is interesting stuff. Blinc advertises the mascara as a product that forms tubes around your lashes. They further advertise that it does not run, smudge, or clump, even if you cry or rub your eyes. Yet it removes with a combination of warm water and gentle pressure. It is supposed to be ideal for contact lens wearers, which also interested me.

Blinc Kiss Me Mascara Review
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For the most part, the claims seem to be met. When I used the mascara, it did not run or smudge, and it removed fairly easily when I used a fairly wet cloth and some gentle rubbing. When it comes off, it does so in little tiny strings, which I suppose are the “tubes” that they advertise as forming around the lashes. As a contact lens wearer, I certainly appreciated something that did not flake off tiny amounts into my eye, which many other mascaras do. One note though. I suggest removing your contacts before removing this mascara, one of those tiny “strings” on your contact lens would be very uncomfortable!

Unfortunately, where I had issues with the product was with clumping. I have written on other occasions that no matter how carefully I apply it, clumping seems to be a problem for me with many mascaras, especially when a brush with regular or larger bristles is involved. I really think that I must have abnormally thin lashes or something! The upshot is that I prefer brushes with small bristles. The brush that came with my sample was what I would call average size. I had some minor issues with my lashes clumping together and I didn’t feel like the mascara lengthened or defined my lashes as well as some other products. I suspect, however, that some of that is particular to me and my small brush preference. To be fair, I have seen and heard some rave reviews of this mascara, especially from people who wear contact lenses.

So far, I am sticking with Cover Girl Lash Exact (link is to previous review), with its wonderfully thin bristles, and Revlon Fabulash (links to previous review), which works well for me despite an oddly shaped large brush, as my current favorites. But if Blinc would make its mascara with a thinner bristle brush, the way it has staying power combined with easy removal with water would have me running back to try it again.

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