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Finding The Best BB Cream

If you aren’t familiar with it, BB cream,which also known as blemish balm, is pretty neat stuff.  BB creams are truly multifunctional , acting as a primer, a light concealer, and often also treating various skin conditions. Most toss in sun protection and nourish the skin, and a few act as a replacement for foundation. BB creams originated in South Korea, and most brands are still from there. The main downside to BB creams, however, is that they tend to be formulated with lighter skin in mind.  Finding one for darker skin is next to impossible at times (if anyone knows of one let me know!).

Best BB Creams

There are multiple brands of BB creams, but most are in Asia. That doesn’t mean people outside of Asia are out of luck though. Many BB creams can be purchased at my favorite shopping source for all things in Asia beauty and fashion: YesStyle. YesStyle has reliable shipping to the United States, Canada, Europe, and other areas.

Finding the best BB cream can depend on what you are looking for. Some address melasma and hyperpigmentation, others address acne. Still more seek to provide anti-again treatments—all while also acting as a sunscreen and primer. There are numerous BB cream brands available.

So far, I have used Etude House BB Cream and Skin79. One neat way to try different creams, albeit all from the same brand, is to buy the Skin 79 sample pack.

If you want to learn more about BB Cream, see products and BB cream reviews of multiple blemish balm brands, and read an extensive BB cream FAQ, visit BB Cream Beauty, a new and growing site about finding the best BB cream.

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