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Fiberwig, The Best Tubing Mascara

P269503_hero If you like tubing mascaras such as Blinc Kiss Me or Kevyn Aucoin Mascara (links are to previous reviews) you owe it to yourself to try d.j.v. beautenizer Fiberwig Mascara. Fiberwig is a Japanese mascara that is just now available in the United States through Sephora. However, I first came across it by ordering it from COSME-DE, a company that carries a good number of harder to find Asian cosmetics. Fiberwig is one of the best selling mascaras in Japan if not the absolute top seller (I have seen claims that it is).

Fiberwig is essentially a tubing mascara, which means that it forms “tubes” around your lashes with fibers, which tends to last well without smudging or flaking,  However, I find that some tubing mascaras have a tendency to clump easily, while others never quite looked right for me. That was not the case for me with Fiberwig. The mascara seems ever so slightly thinner to me than other brands, which allows it to apply well without clumping. Yet, it is not so thin that it is hard to get length or volume.   It dries very quickly and I find that, with one coat, the lashes have a nice natural look and, with two coats, they can take on some more dramatic length and fullness. The mascara wears very well for me all day without a flake in sight.

The Fiberwig mascara that I ordered has a slightly curved brush, which also actually did add some curl to the lashes. So, that was a bonus.

Overall, this is a nice mascara and is the best tubing mascara in my opinion. You can find it at Sephora.

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