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Fyrinnae Eye Shadow Swatches, Review and Video

Recently, I have been exploring indie makeup companies. My interest came about in part over a desire for more pigmented and more interesting shades of makeup, and in part because I started making some of my own eyeshadows as a hobby. Today, I am looking at Fyrinnae, which is one the highest rated indie companies.

Fyrinnae Eye Shadows

Fyrinnae specializes in complex custom blends of color, all of which are very pigmented and some of which are very bright and/or very glittery. The products are not heavy on base ingredients, and since many have extra sparkle,  the company recommends that they be patted on over being swiped or brushed on. Be sure to use a primer with these or apply them wet for the best results and staying power. For high glitter items, Fyrinnae amkes a product called Pixie Epoxy that provides a slightly sticky surface for the glitter to stick to.

Something I love about the indie companies is that many will let you order sample sizes for just a few dollars each. I picked up 20 shadow samples (Fyrinnae’s limit for one order) plus two blush samples, and I think they added a freebie sample because I ended up with 21 shadow shades.

Below are swatches. These were all applied wet.

First up are the shades from the top three rows of the photo. Sorry for the goose bumps, it was cold outside!

The shades in the swatches are: Are You My Mummy, Bitter Boi, Knickers in a Twist, Hypercool, Lorem Ipsum, Otherworld, Digital Faerie, Freya, Mephisto, Alchemists Curse, and Koala.

Fyrinnae Swatches

I had some issues with Mephisto applied wet. It didn’t want to go on smoothly and then it dried blue with some purple in it, while it looked purple in the pan. I then redid on my hand, which you can see in the video, and it came out better. It dries to a right royal blue with just a few purple flecks. It was as brilliant shade, but I didn’t like how it applied doing it wet. When applied dry over pixie epoxy is retained its purple look more (see swatch and look below).

Here are Fyrinnae swatches of the shades Bitey Tyrannosaur, Aye Captain, Tyr, Otherworld, Dakkalfar, Kurisumasu, Rapunzel Had Extensions,  Crimson Ghost, Nijiro, Book of the Dead, Sake and Sashimi and the blushes in Enrapture (blush) and Enchant (blush). The video shows the blushes applied dry and blended a bit too.

Fyrinnae Swatches Outside

These are the same swatches inside. I somehow failed to get photos of the other set inside. The inside light shows how shimmery and luminous the shades can get.

Fyrinnae Swatches Inside

The below look was done with the shades Aye Captain, Crimson Ghost and Mephisto applied dry over pixie epoxy. Mephisto worked much better for me that way. It is an interesting shade since it is bright blue after being applied wet yet it stays more purple when applied dry. Below are dry swatches of the three shades.

Fyrinnea Swatches Aye Captain, Mephisto, Crimson Ghost

Aside from the shadows, I am also wearing Fyrinnae lip luster in Sweetest Poison in this photo.

Fyrinnae Look

Overall, I really am enjoying these products. They are great quality and super affordable.

Below is my video review of the products, and I talk a bit about using loose shadows in it as well.

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