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DHC Skincare Review, Part I

66B Detail DHC Skincare Review, Part I

DHC Skin Care Kit

DHC skincare makes some great olive oil skin care products. Since DHC is based on olive oil (in fact one product is solely pure olive oil), a common first thought is: Won’t DHC skincare items cause break outs? But the general reports from both the DHC skincare company and from consumers is that the products, even the pure olive oil, do not clog pores. Instead, olive oil helps to dissolve the gunk that can sink into them. This has been my personal experience as well.

The use of olive oil for skin care can be traced to the ancient Greeks, who used it for its moisturizing properties. Extra virgin olive oil from the supermarket can be used on dry skin, put in the hair as a treatment, added to the bath, and more. When used as a cleanser, it dissolves makeup quite well, including waterproof mascara.

So it is not surprising that DHC, a popular Japanese company focusing on skin care, does well with its olive oil products. I found myself with eleven different products to try when I was given a bunch of samples. Now that I have used them, I am reviewing them in two parts. Today I will cover what DHC skincare calls “The Olive Essentials Set.” The next installment will look at some of their other items.

DHC skincare has a variety of cleaners, moisturizers, and other products. But they focus their advertising on a basic regime consisting of an olive oil cleanser, soap, toner, and pure olive oil.

  • DHC Deep Cleansing Oil is my favorite of the bunch. I had tried this in the past and had forgotten how much I loved it.  DHC Deep Cleansing Oil looks like oil, and initially feels like oil, but it quickly turns into a moisturizing lather that dissolves makeup quite well and rinses clean without feeling drying. It has pretty good reviews at MakeupAlley, where one reviewer noted the seeming inconsistency with an olive oil that rinses clean. Yet it does just that. I too am fascinated by it and I love how it works and feels. I am definitely buying this stuff. (2011 update-This has been my regular cleanser for years now. It simply is the best!)
  • Another basic product is theDHC Mild Soap, whose ingredients include olive oil and honey. Why a soap when there is already a cleanser? The DHC literature states that the cleanser is best for people who wear makeup or have oily skin because the cleanser breaks up makeup and oils, while the soap gets rid of “finer impurities.” The soap certainly feels fine and I suppose the extra step doesn’t hurt, but I don’t know that it really is all that necessary. I felt perfectly clean using just the cleanser and rinsing well. I also tend to be lazy and hate extra steps. So for me, the soap is not a necessary product. However, people who don’t like the idea of an oil cleanser or who prefer a bar soap will find that the DHC soap cleans efficiently without an oily feel.
  • The next step in the process is toning with DHC Mild Lotion. This is an alcohol free toner with cucumber and glycerin. I found it to be a pretty standard toner: Nothing wrong with it, but I found no reason to rave about it either. It worked as it should and tingled appropriately. It didn’t seem particularly drying. In reality, I just am not a big fan of any toners and don’t tend to use them. I don’t find that extra step necessary, nor do I buy arguments that it is required to properly prepare skin for a moisturizer. So, I wouldn’t buy this item, but fans of toners might be perfectly happy with it.
  • Finally, there is DHC Olive Virgin Oil. This is pure olive oil that DHC skincare states is in one of the purest forms available. I have read of many people who are happy using pure olive oil on their face, whether it be the DHC product or simply extra virgin olive oil bought at the store. I know that it can be a great skin softener, that it has antioxidants, and it can help lock in moisture. But it just isn’t for me. I love the cleanser because it rinses clean. But the oil sits on the face. Yes, it absorbed after a bit, and to be fair, my skin felt quite soft the mornings after I tried the oil. But I still didn’t care for the oil on my hands, oily feeling on my face, and oil on the towels. Also, I use several specialty products that really need a different kind of moisture over them. DHC suggests that when other products and moisturizers are used, the oil can be put over those to “prevent hydration from evaporating from the skin. It does get rave reviews on the DHC site.

The upshot is that I will be buying the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil, which I just adore, and passing on the rest. From reading other DHC skincare reviews I suspect that my thoughts about the other products are due to my own proclivities. Plenty of people like the other products.

For those wanting to test some of the products themselves, DHC provides a Catalog upon request that includes 4 samples. The literature I was provided states that those are the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil that I reviewed here and the Velvet Skin Coat, Q10 Creme, and Concentrated Eye Creme, all of which I will review in other installments. DHC skincare also allows customers to choose up to four samples with each order. Update: once on their mailing list, you will continue to get catalogs with different samples each time.

Update: Part II is available here: DHC Skin Care Review, Part II.

The review of Velvet Skin Coat is here DHC Velvet Skin Coat Review.

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  1. I can’t wait to hear what you think of the Velvet Skin Coat. I love that stuff!

  2. Carleenp says:

    I plan to cover that on its own in a comparison to the Smashbox Photfinish primer. As a sneak peek: I really like the Velvet Skin Coat, which is the more affordable product. :)

  3. Anonymous says:

    I recently discovered DHC also, and was very excited about it. Having said that, when I started reading some of the ingredients, some of the products, including the Mild Lotion contain placental protein. I have an issue with putting placenta on my face so I avoid the products that list that as an ingredient. The only product I really love is the Extra Nighttime Moisture. (no placenta there)

  4. Liane Gentry Skye says:

    I love the deep cleansing oil,too. But the Velvet Skin Coat is like Botox in a jar–one swipe and I swear I look ten years younger. Love, love, love, love LOVE this stuff. In the summer, I wear it without foundation. It just makes me look refreshed.

    If they made it in body sized vats, I’d swim in it. :) I had used Spackle previously.

  5. I have read about the olive oil but in truth I fight acne every day and am just to affriad to try it. Can anybody that has used it comment on it?


  6. Alysse Huff says:

    I have used the DHC oil cleanser and I love it too. I use it 3 times a day and I love the way my skin feels. Pat, I have extra oily, blemish-prone skin as well, and I use it in the morning and night followed by a cleanser, but I use it alone when I get home from work to get the day’s junk off my face. I haven’t broken out while using it and I noticed my blackheads are disappearing. I love this product!

  7. I enjoyed your review of the DHC products, which I love – I was a long time Clinique user, but as I reached my 50s, they just weren’t working – DHC has been great for my now-drier skin. Just a note on the Olive Virgin Oil – a little (REALLY little) goes a long way – I think the instructions say 2-to-3 drops, but 1 drop warmed in my palms and then pressed to my face does the trick – more than that and it never absorbs!

  8. Pat Papania says:

    Where and what department stores sell this product………DHC

  9. Hi Pat: DHC is sold only through their online store or mail catalog. If you click the link in the article, it will take you to the online store. You can request a catalog from there. I recommend getting on their catalog mailing list because they have a nice print catalog and they always include some samples in it.

  10. Laura Brown says:

    I got handed a sample of this company’s products yesterday. Can anyone explain how their “Olive Virgin Oil” is different from the olive oil I can buy in the supermarket for (literally) one one-hundredth of the price?

  11. My understanding is that the plain oil product is more refined. That said, I suspect that the grocery store olive oil can be used just as well as a straight oil packaged up specially for the face.

    Keep in mind that olive oil cleansers generally have some added ingredients to create some foaming etc. For example, the DHC cleanser is not made solely of olive oil. So the cleanser is different.

  12. I enjoy reading your product review. Very informative and detailed.

  13. I loved DHC products. Did anyone experience their face breaking out with brown spots from using this skincare line? I had to stop using everything, except the Deep Cleansing Oil.

  14. I have fought acne all of my life (age 52) the DHC olive oil cleanser is the best cleanser I have ever tried. I have used it now for two years. I rub a squirt or two in my hands and massage it on to my dry face, then rince off. It is so light-bodied it rinces off quickly and leaves my skin soft and supple. I like simple skincare regimens so I skip the soap and eye makeup remover. This does it all for me.

  15. Lyndsey says:

    The olive oil they sell for skin is NOT anything like what you cook with. They do offer free samples of most, if not all, of their skincare products. They have a salicylic product line that also contains gentle healing ingredients. I use DHC once in awhile. There are lots of good lines out there, can’t use them all! For stretch marks and cellulite, I recommend Jan Marini’s Glycolic Body Scrub and Hand and Body Cream. This works.
    If it’s too strong for you, use a little at a time, very little. To get rid of skin problems of any kind, you often have to see some reddening before you see healing. Your goal is healing and removing layers of skin that have not exfoliated fast enough for good, clear skin to show. You can have better skin. Go where there are samples, or smaller sizes and make sure there is a money back guarantee, which there usually is. Keep your invoices handy! Amazon.com often has good discounted beauty products and leads to plenty of beauty product stores. Always ask about colors – they really aren’t that close to what you see online.

  16. I just purchased the Deep Cleansing Oil.

    Don’t be fooled by the samples sent. Loved the sample so wanted to buy some.

    Samples are not what is in the $38 bottle of Deep Cleansing Oil. Bottle is MUCH more watery than the sample. It actually runs through my fingers.

  17. Great job and very interesting topic. I will share this to my colleagues!

  18. Great review! This really looks like a quality product. It is amazing how they can make a product out of olive oil that doesn’t cause break outs. It is truly amazing what experts in a lab can come up with when they are given a little time. I really hope that this product can become the holy grail of skincare products.

  19. Thanks, some great stuff here. I’ve just got rid of my acne scars so now I’m gunning for the velvet skin coat.

    Here’s to a new me!

  20. Beauty expert says:

    Very informative post. You have mentioned some very good reviews of DHC skincare products. I especially found it useful where you have given your review about DHC Olive Virgin Oil.

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