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Review: Jane MaxLash 2 Mascara in Deep Ocean

Jane mascara

Update: Jane appears to have been discontinued. A good replacement for this, albeit pricier, is Benefit BadGal Blue. Or take a look at this post: Best Drugstore Mascaras

Jane MaxLash 2 Mascara, Deep Ocean represents my first time trying out blue mascara. I was rather hesitant simply because I tend to be pretty darn conservative with my own makeup, but after reading on several occasions about how wearing blue mascara can brighten the eyes, I decided to give it a shot. Not only am I glad that I did, but I’m glad I chose to do so with Jane MaxLash 2.

Earlier this week, I wrote favorably about Jane Cosmetics eye shadows. I also find their mascara rather impressive. MaxLash 2 is pretty interesting as well. It comes packaged with two tubes, each with its own wand on each end. One side is a conditioning lengthener and the other is color. What I loved about this was that that the lengthening part was black. Had I had wanted, I could have just left off the color part and worn this as a black mascara. That made buying the product in blue sort of a two for one bonus!

The wand is pretty big. I’m not a huge fan of large mascara wands and tend to prefer the smaller wand products. But this one worked OK for me. First off, this product will clump if you don’t wipe the wand pretty carefully, but it is fine if you do so and are careful when applying the product. Second, I don’t think it lengthened as much as my general favorites, but it did a sufficient job. If I were just looking for an everyday mascara, I might choose something else, such as one of my favorites, CoverGirl Lash Exact. Jane’s mascara is several dollars cheaper though and I think a good value for the very low price. Also, since I picked up the Jane mascara in blue, it became a great value for me.

As I mentioned, the fact that the lengthener was black made this mascara instantly into one that could be used in either black or blue. I also am not sure, but I think the black under shade toned down the blue just enough to make me love the color. I loved the shade I got from this mascara. It was not a bright blue, or even so much a navy blue. Instead, it was like a deep blue with black peppered through because I did not tend to put the color portion on very thick. Also, I found it difficult to apply the color portion so that black did not show through, especially at the roots of the lashes. So people who want pure color throughout, might be better off exploring something like Benefit BADgal blue mascara.

The result for me was that I discovered that the people raving about blue mascara were right. It does brighten the eyes! I thought that my eyes looked noticeably better with that shade on, yet it didn’t look like I was wearing something unusual. BUT, I don’t know that I would love the shade if it were more blue. I think the key was that I applied the color portion rather lightly. Although the more I look at Benefit’s BADgal blue, the more I consider trying it, I also think the ability to apply with less blue showing became a big bonus to the product for me. Yet as I noted, that could be a downside for people looking for a more intense blue.

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