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Carmindy, The 5-Minute Face: The Quick and Easy Makeup Guide for Every Woman

CarmindyOne of the most popular makeup books this year is The 5-Mintue Face by Carmindy. I recently took a look at this book and think it is a good basic book for anyone who feels that they could benefit from an easy to use makeup guide.

Right off, I have to say that the book is pretty straight forward. That means that people with a lot of makeup experience might not find it all that useful, but that isn’t really who it is written for. This is really just what the title says it is:  A “quick and easy makeup guide.” It gives easy to follow, and very sound advice and instruction on doing basic everyday makeup and then includes some extras such as tips for brows and special occasion makeup.

Overall, the book has nice photos and illustrations. It also explains things clearly and provides a good amount of easy to duplicate instructions. A few things I particularly like are that it covers makeup for all different skin tones and colors, including a consideration of hair color. It also provides information relevant to various age groups. The book also contains product recommendations for both inexpensive and expensive products to suit differing tastes and budgets. On the nit picky side, I do wish that there was a bit more to the book. I recognize that it is supposed to be basic, quick, and easy, but I was left wanting just a bit more. But that really is a compliment I think.  Obviously if the book wasn’t good, I would not be left wanting more of it!

If you are looking for a quick and easy makeup guide, give Carmindy’s The 5-Minute Face a try!

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